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Live Answer Time... less-live archived versions!


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Every Saturday A:M users gather to ask and answer about A:M... or anything else that comes up!

Some minor post-editing is needed to put these together. That is why these recorded versions don't appear instantly. More will appear in the future.

 A menu of topics and times appears when you "Show more" on the YouTube page.


July 28 2018 - Main topic: Squetch Rig

Opening chit chat in progress. (robots, US image abroad, TV panel shows)~ Squetch Rig CP weighting and attaching advice from David ~ Film: Australian Rules Football... the first Flop?

August 4 2018

Opening chit chat...white hair and wrinkles ~ that vision thing, glasses cataracts, retinas ~ Pose slider problem ~ constraint target eyedropper problem ~ Pose slider problem looked at some more ~ David advises on Squetch face rig installation ~ closing movie presentation, Mitchell and Durant

October 20 2018

David's mic not working ~ Charles' Mac installation trouble... ~ solved! ~ Image Contest plugged ~ Charles' car spy photo models ~ Squetch Rig question for David

October 27 2018

Andy AKA "KingVidiot" makes his first appearance! ~ Mark is employed again! ~ Andy asks about building buildings. Mark has advice. ~ Discussion of Polygon Prop import ~ Andy wonders if TSM2 is still used? Yes! ~ Inquiry about old Python plugin ~ Image Contest reminder. Planes Trains Automobiles. ~ Polygon import cont'd ~ Old movie talk ~ Polygon import cont'd ~ Talk about render strategy ~ Invisible leaf mystery solved.

November 17 2018

Using Mac license on Windows ~ Layouts are news to Robert ~ Mark's freelance job ~ Zevel? ~ Robert's sparkplug spiral ~ Cookie Cutter maps ~ tutorial on Snap to Surface? ~ Robert's "safety" model for contest ~ Robert's demon sketch ~ medal for last contest



February 16 2019

Creating a switchable double FK spine... from scratch. And how to animate it too.



June 13 2020

Creating a Pose Slider that reveals a building from bottom to top.

June 20 2020

Use Boolean and Pose slider to reveal "S" shape ~ Sprite particle color change over time

June 27 2020

Various strategies to dissolve a model to particles or sprites. (see forum post for solution to "spade" problem encountered)

July 11, 2020

Opening chit-chat... the weather! ~ Bullet rigid body dynamics basics ~ Bullet soft body dynamics experiment with lo-res sphere ~ Bullet soft body better results with donuts ~ Emitter rate settings... in Material vs. in Model vs. in Chor ~ Hawaiian shirt simcloth demo on forum.

PRJ with a rigid body and soft body example from the discussion... BulletTest04SIMMED.prj

See forum post for more successful BulletSoft Body sphere PRJ: https://forums.hash.com/topic/49861-bouncy-soft-body-ball/

July 18, 2020

Using Simple Scatter plugin with Bullet dynamics in Animation:Master along with some discussion of particles and forces.

July 25, 2020 - due to screen capture problems this session is in three parts...

  • Part A - greetings ~ Tom poses a question about making fluid particles splash like paint ~ discussion of video reference ~ Tom asks about a glowing line animation he has seen. Tom's example does not show in the screen cam but can be seen at https://youtu.be/kkGeOWYOFoA) 
  • Part B - continued discussion of particles and forces ~ brief overview of "painting with light" tutorial series ~ we will watch an Oswald cartoon
  • Part C - Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in "Oh, What a Knight!" with live commentary by Robert, Andy and Tom

August 1, 2020

Building a seamlessly switching FK-IK arm rig... from scratch! ~ Brief discussion of Streaks v. Sprites

PRJ seen in demo... FK-IK Demo2.prj

August 8, 2020

  • Part A Discussion of Sprite Particles
  • Part B For Copyright reasons our group viewing of Hockey Homicide can not be included, but you can watch it at that link
  • Part C The audio synch for this segment is hopelessly messed up but we did answer John Lemke's Expression question.


August 15, 2020

We discussed ~ working in hot weather ~ the advantage of the IK spines, found in TSM2 ~ looked at the functionality of the Pose sliders TSM2 creates for arms and legs ~ began a quick example install of TSM2 on Thom

The animation shown regarding IK spines can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTc1-M0WBpQ

August 22, 2020 (in three parts...)

  • Part A: Chit chat ~ Rigid Body Constraint ~ Building toe, heel and knee controls into IK legs
  • Part B: Demo of blocking out a walk with IK legs
  • Part C. Andy shows a video he made


September 5, 2020

We do a basic start-to-finish install of the TSM2 rig in Animation:Master
Opening chit and chat ~ TSM2 Demo begins ~ Discussion of model issues ~ Invoking TSM Builder plugin ~ Builder Menu basic options ~ Scaling/fitting bones into place  starting with spine ~ Fitting leg bones ~ Fitting arm bones ~ Fitting finger bones ~ Question about roll handles on arms and legs ~ Invoking TSM Flipper plugin ~ Quickly Attaching CPs with Auto-Assign Bones ~ Invoking TSM Rigger plugin ~ Test of rig ~ Discussion of TSM finger gizmo ~ UN-choosing  TSM finger gizmo ~ Discussion of TSM2 "head" rigging problem ~ Using non-TSM three-bone fingers ~ Concluding chit and chat


September 12, 2020

CP weighting solutions for common rig problems.

Tom has been fighting wild fires! ~ A look at the simple Auto Assign Bones result from last week. ~ CP weighting the Rabbit. Reverting to pre-Flipper version ~ Re-arranging finger bones and testing new placement ~ Flipper and Auto Assign ~ The Spine. Making a test Action and assessing results ~ CP weighting Spine ~ The elbow. CP weighting and fan bone solutions ~ Test Action for fingers ~ CP weighting hand and fingers ~ Trick for doing lots of 50-50s quickly ~ Fixing the knuckles ~ Analogy of finger rigging to leg rigging. ~ Andy's Q about adding bone for bottom of sweater ~ See you next week!


September 19, 2020

Continuation of previous rigging topics

Tom's power is back! ~ Tom's satellite connection ~ ELO, Jeff Lynne, The Traveling Wilburys ~ How to use TSM2's "Parts" tab ~ Why spline rings in middle of bones? ~ TSM2 Parts tab (cont'd) ~ CP weighting Rabbit hips/legs


September 26, 2020

Continued discussion of CP weighting in Animation:Master

Hello ~ Comparison of CP weighting choices ~ A basic CP weighting process ~ Applying the process to the Rabbit's shoulder ~ Applying the process to the Rabbit's upper arm ~ Question about particle Streaks, color over lifetime



October 3, 2020

Creating a Smartskin ~ Remembering the late Gene Thompson


October 10, 2020

Connection trouble and chit chat ~ Andy explains Apple TV ~ My old plumbing ~ Looking at 1980s game graphics ~ Even more ancient graphics... Space War 1962 ~ Question about A:M watercolor plugin

October 17, 2020

A cloth project seems not to work. We possibly figure out why ~ Andy brings us an animation by Forum member Frazier


October 24, 2020

My back and Inversion tables ~ SimCloth Attach Groups ~ SimCloth Attach Groups (quick version, no funny business)

October 31, 2020

We try to get Marcel Bricman's exotic Z-Sumi plugin to work in v15... and do!


November 7, 2020

November 14, 2020

November 21, 2020

Part A: A look at Radiosity and Ambient Occlusion

November 28

We talk about CG lighting and Ambient Occlusion in A:M. We watch Paul Debevec's 1999 "Fiat Lux" video

December 5, 2020

(I mistakenly introduce this as "November") We add shadows, AO, Fog and a sky card to a John Lemke project. I also show my Roof Truss simulator. Although it is not included in this video, we concluded by watching Walt Disney's "Alice's Wonderland" (1923)

December 12, 2020

December 19, 2020



January 2, 2021

January 9, 2021

No one visited with questions today so I used the time to add toe bones to my dinosaur!

February 20, 2021

February 27, 2021

I work on my Pteranodon ~ Andy has a question about simulating water in a pond.
(The audio synch will frequently be off in the recording)

April 10, 2021

We explore a strategy of Materials and modeling to create the effect of Volumetric Materials that appear to fill the interior of a shape.
Related Forum discussion thread

May 22, 2021

Building parts for model of a molecule that can incrementally grow in animation.

May 29, 2021

Listening to music by Andy ~ chit chat ~ Fitting text on a curve

June 5, 2021

connection trouble ~ chit-chat ~ animation shot I am working on live action reference ~ examples of particles for shot ~ making bump maps in A:M ~ about giant birds

July 3, 2021

Discussion of Bone Weights, Bone Weight Fall-offs and Smartskin in Animation:Master.

July 31, 2021

Listening to music by Andy ~ chit-chat ~ Chuck shows some stereoscopic renders ~ Rigging the Brown Cat with TSM. See forum post about choice of Biped leg v. Quad leg.

August 7, 2021

We discuss preparing a decal for a head in Animation:Master, using 3D Painter and Photoshop and how to use "Cylinder wrap" as the decal application method.

September 7, 2021

Discussion of California fires and Transfer_AW, the plugin for weighting complex meshes.


October 23, 2021

Keyframing characters in the Chor to interact with objects in their scene.


November 20, 2021

Distortion Box Monologue ~ Talking to Chuck ~ Making and animating Distortion Boxes.



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January 1, 2022

Mapping a head. We discuss adjusting a head model for application of a cylindrical decal


January 15, 2022

Non-spherical, cartoon eyes. Squirrel boobs and theater nudity ~ Question about moving decals on non-spherical eye, projection maps ~ Using bone scaling to make a non-spherical eye.


January 22, 2022

Putting a Distortion Box on a head.


February 12, 2022

Looking at SimCloth parameters for a more successful cloth result.


June 18, 2022

Rippling glass. We animate a series of rings to grow in radius without growing in thickness, then use that animation to create a rippling glass effect.


August 13, 2022

Demonstration of Drop-on Poses, how to make and how to use.

October 29, 2022

Techniques for improving Particle Hair-to-Surface collision detection.

November 5, 2022

Using BVH motion capture files downloaded from the web. Caution: I make a big fumble in the first example by not finding the scale property for the BVH motion capture object. It was there all along, I just forgot where it was!

December 3, 2022

Creating a Composite Project to blur rendered footage ~ Tom's smoke ring ~ Chuck's smoking axe ~ Edward's inquiry about continuing animation in the Chor after an Action ~ Question about rotating bones and apparent difference between manipulator and Properties parameter results ~ Tom's question about making a model repeat motion on a path constraint. Post-extrapolation is used.

Sample PRJ from Tom to practice adding post extrapolation:  orbit.prj



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