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Change Log:

  • Changed All
    Particlesystem Streak and Blobbie there is a new Boolproperty "Color change over lifetime" , this controls how the color is changed as default the color is changed over the lifetime from each particle, if it set to "Off" the color change is done for all particles equal
  • Fixed All
    7011 Particle systems should only display modifyable properties
  • Fixed All
    import plugins
    if peaktolerance is set to 0 , all cp's are peaked ,usefull for importing mechanical models
    if peaktolerance is set to 360 , all cp's are smooth
  • New All
    obj import plugin dialog changed added option for displaying the info messagebox (default the messagebox is displayed)added option for open a frontview for the imported model after the plugin has finished
  • Fixed All
    7010 Selecting a spline by "Spline select" with Mirror Mode on and hiding everything else results in a different selection
  • Fixed All
    7012 Crash , when loading a obj file created from blender
  • Fixed All
    6827 Changing Decal parameter turns all light off
  • Fixed All
    7008 Crash when activation pose slide (on/off) in Action
  • Fixed All
    7006 Editing Toon Gradient causes freeze
  • Fixed All
    7009 Crash when rotation STL-Prop in Chor
  • Internal
    • Dumpfile for unhandled exceptions has now a new naming scheme
      • "ApplicationName_DayMonthYear_HourMinuteSecond.dmp"
      • Dumpfiles deleted , when the Master / Master_64  starts
      • Dumpfiles now enabled in release builds and netrender
    • Posteffect Frameburn changed
      • added PercentProperty "Opacity" -> control the text opacity
        • Default : 75% (as before)
        • Min Value : 1%
        • Max Value : 100%
      • added BoolProperty "Display name" -> display the filename
        • Default : True (as before)
        • if it set to False, only the framenumber is burned
        • the default font is now "MS Sans Serif"
      • Windows only
        • added BoolProperty "With shadows" -> display the text with shadows
          • Default : True (as before)
          • if it set to False, only a white text is displayed (better readable in my opinion)
  • Changed All
    Stampview , "Plugin properties" not longer displayed , makes no sense in this context (if You have one let me know and I revert this change)
  • Changed All
    • for groups in a choreography
    • fixed a crash , when a object in a named group was deleted from the chor
    • removed properties, which makes no sense in this context
    • added the possibility to add other objects to the named chor group(select the chor group -> than Shift + LMB Selection
    • objects can be deleted with a Dialog (RMB -> "Remove From Groups...")
    • popup menu only displayed menu items , which make sense for this type of group
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