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Allow me to re-introduce myself.

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   My name is Myron LeRoy andI'm coming back into the Forum community after several years of wandering in the wilderness. Although I made some small contributions to "The Scarecrow Of Oz" , my biggest claim to A:M fame is probably my collaboration with Gene Thompson, known as "Spleengene". I am looking forward to getting toknow the current cast of characters, new as well as old friends on one of the best Forums I've ever found.

Happy Splining.


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Hi Myron!

It's been great seeing your avatar/icon appear in the forum... and your recently shared animation.  That takes me back.  

I haven't been very active myself in the A:M Forum of late so maybe I need to reintroduce myself too!  ;)


I'm looking forward to what 2020 brings and am excited to think of diving deeper into A:M again.

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I have archives of models I've acquired and made over the years. I've been reacquainting myself by posing the models using the various rigs they own and have decided to delve into the various uses of bones and restraints for a more complete understanding. I also have an archive of various tutorialsto go through, but I'll probably be tapping the fount of knowledge that is this Forum. 

     In the meantime, here is a model I made for use in this image I made for use as I get my website back up and running. Have a step ladder.

FFinal Under Construction0.jpg

Step Ladder .mdl

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