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repeating Decals?

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Hello Hashers-

I am using v 19.0i on a Windows 7 machine and I have an animation cycle with 15 tga files that have alpha channels. I slapped that 15 image sequence on a flat  model and am trying to get the 15 images to repeated endlessly on that flat model. When I use the "repeat" function in the decal properties menu it causes the decal to only reproduce itself as tiny versions of itself.


What I was hoping for was simply a command that would cause the 15 image cycle to repeat endlessly.


Does anyone know how to do this?


Many thanks!


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Hi, Tom!

You are very close.

I am presuming that you have Tools>Options>Units>Show Time as set to SMPTE

I am presuming your 15 frame sequence is numbered 00-14...

I am presuming you have Tools>Options>Global Show advanced Properties and Show Property Triangle checked

I am presuming you know how to see the timeline pane of the PWS.

  1. Apply the image sequence like a normal decal
  2. After you put the model in a chor, next to "Shortcut to" for that model,  turn "show more than drivers" :hidemore:  ON
  3. This will expose the Decals folder in the PWS in the Chor
  4. Expand the property triangles until you get the Frame parameter
  5. Select the Frame property
  6. set the timeline view to Curve view
  7. on frame 00:00 set a 00:00:00 in the Frame parameter
  8. on frame 00:00:14 set a 00:00:14 in the Frame parameter
  9. select the two keyframes
  10. watch this video (fourth post) on how to set Post-extrapolation to make it repeat and do that:




Here is another way..




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I am excited to implement the suggestions that were offered!

Just a thought-----In future builds it might make sense to rename the present "repeat" button in the decals properties, as "tile". And it maybe it would be an easy feature to make a button named "repeat" actually repeat the sequence that is stamped. I am not a programmer but that would seem to be something that would be fairly easy to achieve.

Thanks again for the help!

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