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I have a question that I have just begun to notice.  I have applied ver 19j and now each time I save a project I have a new set of folders for each save.  

Each save has several sub folder.  The main folder is titled the name of the project and then a series of numbers that I could not decode.  Under the folder there are  usually two folders.  The first is a capital letter such as E with a dash,  so E-.  Its contents are then followed with another folder with the name of the project and its folder has the project file.  The second main folder under the top is labeled the name of the pc such as Steve-PC.  Under its folder are several folders. one has a listing the the textures.  One has a folder with all the decals, another has all the rotoscopes, another has maps, etc.  Each save seems to vary with the content.  

As I load my project into AM it may take 3-5 minutes to load the file.  I am wondering if I need to reinstall a earlier version.

So my question to eveyone has anyone else noticed these folders as well?


I thought it might be a problem with this machine but it is doing to my other copy of AM as well.




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