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Time Traveling Cat with hair

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Had a great time in the ol' Live Answer realm today.


I didn't post this during the session but as a follow up here's an example of a model I'm currently using to test hair.

Finding a lazy way to control hair length is my underlying goal but I know that sometimes the work just has to be done. ;)

As Robert mentioned during the session, an image map (specifically a decal) driving the length property is likely to be optimal.

I don't know why I always stubbornly resist dong things the 'right way'.

Instead of pushing forward with a decal I find myself manually adjusting and wishing I could use materials or patch images instead.



In the attached the hair near the mouth would need to be considerably shorter in order to show that there is indeed a mouth hiding under there.

I've included the model/project but it isn't much to look at.



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She's a cutie!


Thank you kindly. :)


She may not look it but she's the leader of an elite team of time travelers that go about fixing things in history that get mixed up.

It's lucky for us she's on the job because... not sure if anyone has noticed... things are pretty messed up.


(She's not quite as dainty/cute as in my original drawings so that part of her transition to 3D is still a work in progress.... and in my initial take she's a tad more blue/green than radioactive green)


Here an initial look with really really REALLY short hair (I think this was one of the first tries out of the renderer):

kat hairtest 000.png

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