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Hi guys and gals. I finished a couple of videos. I wish I had more time. Could easily spend hours on a few frames to get smoother animation. Other things I would like to do is change is my rig to one of the pre made AM ones. My rig feels to stiff. If I had more time I would learn more about AM particles and also add alot more texturing. I can fully understand why it takes hundreds of people to make animated movies. I want to make more of these videos when I have time and would appreciate any comments and  suggestions to improve.





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Hi David, I enjoyed your videos! Don't feel bad about having to cut corners. Animation is a daunting endeavor.

An L.A. studio owner once said "The worst animations are the ones that don't get done."

Is that your band? Your songs? Are those characters caricatures of the band members?

"stiffness" is more a matter of animation than a rig. When a motion appears stiff it is usually due to a lack of overlapping motion. For example there are lots of "head banging" motions in your videos. The head and torso are starting and stopping at the same time but if the head motion lagged the torso by a few frames it would appear more flexible and more weighty.

Think of it as the head being lead around by the torso but always a bit behind. The whole body is like that, things being led by other things and alwasy trying to catch up.

BTW, i noticed the mention of "paleo" diet. You might be interested in the current "Prehistoric" Image contest.  See the link in my signature!

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Wow, I think you've produced more seconds of animation than I have in total!  It's looking great so far!  I'm impressed that you have all the elements to make a whole concept.

For the first video (dietly confused), I think the guy at the table lip syncing to "confused, confused, I'm dietly confused" would work well, as would lip syncing when the list of diets is read off.  The caveman could have sung his part, too; maybe slightly more of a close-up for him.  There are a couple of scenes where the nutritionists' faces and bodies are stiff that could use a little loosening up.

For the second video (happy vegans singing), the only thing I could think of was if the woman playing the "guitar" had actions that more closely mimicked the left and right hands of the actual guitar player.  Maybe adding a back-yard visible outside the kitchen window.

I don't have any particular technical suggestions.  You highlighted a lot of the areas you wanted to improve, and I think those are right on.  It takes a lot of practice, especially learning to smooth out action without having hundreds of keyframes.

Keep it up!

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Hi David

Awesome work.  You accomplished what very few of us do, so congratulations!  Thank you for sharing the videos.

What Robert and Chris have said are wonderful ideas of animation insights, I looked at more of how to light and the technical side. 

Your models were nicely done.  What rig did you use?  What keeps me entertained when it comes to animation is the placement actors in the shots.  Your shots were setup well and I enjoyed the camera movements.    You might think of the rule of thirds in future animations and a little tighter in on the actors but overall great job.

Lighting is tough for me.  I like the softer look in animations.  But what you completed was very impressive.

Excellent work.  I look forward to more animations from you.  

Great job on singing and the music!!



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