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Overview of Fishdom - an amusing puzzle game on Android




Fishdom is a three-in-a-row puzzle game developed by the popular company Playrix Entertainment. Due to the bright graphics and continuous gameplay, the application has gained high popularity among users in all countries of the world. Here the player has to build and decorate a virtual underwater world. Let’s go through our article to understand why you should download this game right away!

About the game



This game project is a Puzzle game classic in the "three in a row" genre. You will need not only to decorate the underwater kingdom where the fish and other inhabitants live but also to build identical elements, three in a row. After connecting the same chips in a chain, they disappear and bring the player points, which are used to upgrade the aquarium. With points, you can buy accessories for aquarium, fish and other things. Underwater world decorations include various shells, algae, and decorative objects. 

In the game, you will see lots of fishes, which differ among themselves in value and their abilities. You can buy underwater pets and decorative accessories for your aquarium in unlimited quantities. Pet comfort items include troughs, water purifiers, and aerators. They provide excellent conditions for living fish in your tank. By playing Fishdom online, the player can receive rewards in the form of cups. In the game project, there are three types of awards: bronze, gold and silver cups. And after completing the assigned tasks and building a full-fledged underwater world, the player will have to design a new aquarium.

The game Fishdom has many levels of varying difficulty. If you doubt the correctness of their actions, you can use some tips. As you progress through the level, a picture with an image of what your pet needs will appear next to each fish. All this can be bought after completing the game tasks or for the game currency collected earlier.

To quickly pass the levels you need to collect chips not in three rows, but four or five. The longer a chain of identical elements forms, the more bonuses there are. When a player reaches the last levels, obstacles for completing tasks will appear on the way. They can not be removed or removed from the collected points. For more information about us Read more

Fishdom game features



Check out this game's key following features:

Animated graphics allow the player to dive into the virtual underwater world.

The musical accompaniment of the gameplay provides an opportunity to relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the game.

Having hundreds of levels of varying difficulty.

A lot of 3D fish. Each has its character and unique abilities.

Build the perfect underwater kingdom with decorative objects.

Free application. Additional functions in the game can be bought with money without going through difficult levels.

Play with friends online via the Internet.

Wrapping it up!



We hope after reading our article, you are now feeling excited this excellent puzzle game. If you have not played the fascinating Fishdom puzzle yet, then download and install the application on your phone and plunge into the virtual underwater kingdom. You can also check for Puzzle game girl. Have fun!



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