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Stay Tuned for Summer Memories Image Contest Results

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Voting has concluded, stay tuned for results!


Vote now in the Animation:Master Forum "Summer Memories" Image Contest.


Remember, you don't have to pick just one... you have to pick three!


Anyone can vote, so call Grandma and tell her to give that AOL dial-up one more try!


As always, you can click on any image see it in full resolution.


This poll will run through next Monday October 23, 2017


Happy voting!

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Does this mean you're one day away now instead of two? :-)


I recall in college being in a car with some people driving 180 miles from Des Moines, Iowa to Rock island, Illinois.


Eventually as we passed a mileage marker that said "Rock island 60," I noted we were going 60 mph and I thought, "only an hour to go!"


But it started raining and traffic slowed down and when we passed a "Rock island 45" sign we were only going 45 mph.


The rain kept getting worse. By the time we got to "Rock Island 20" the traffic was down to 20 mph.


Then it got really bad with snow and slush on the highway and trucks are in the ditch and as we're creeping along at 10 mph I see a sign go by, "Rock Island 10."


AFAIK, I'm still an hour away from Rock Island!




But the Contest Winners are now announced!



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