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It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Loses An Eye



Crazy. Now THAT is adventuring.

I've told kids at church a reason pirates had eye patches is because they often needed to transition from light to dark places quickly and the patches eased that transition (without needing to wait for the eye to adjust).

They've taken to asking me, "Tell us another story about when you died" due to some of my reckless exploits I've managed to survive, which I dutifully recite to them.

But I've yet to prepare them for a telling of the adventures of Martin.

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I hope your vision in your right eye returns! Dannng! What a STORY! My brother had macrodegeneration... sucks!

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Interesting take on Walmart though they aren't the cheapest and more often are actually more money on common small items and most other places. The damage big chains like Walmart, Target and others is they raise the demographic traffic values and have the purchasing power to out right buy property and negotiate tax breaks.

This sounds good until you see a small Ma n' Pa shop whos rent and taxes go through the roof which ultimately makes the small independent shops go out of business.

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