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That link is written right in your post but for some reason it is getting bad characters added to the end of it. I'm not sure why that is.

For anyone wanting to try the link, shave the "%u200B" off the URL after you get a 404 error and it will work.

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I've played a little with sketchfab, it is very cool. Their new feature is that they can now display animation/actions on your 3D model... which I looked into trying to do from A:M. The file format needs to be an FBX file which (i think) houses the geometry of the model and the baked animation of the action. I was not able to discover a way from A:M to FBX for Sketchfab. Now that someone has developed an A:M to Blender utility, that might be a way.


This is one of my silly 3D pinups, utilizing Sketchfabs amazing library of materials. SO- I grouped CP's in A:M into a colorized group for dummy colors, then re-assigned materials to those groups in sketchfab. I would LOVE to play with animation. Maybe it is time to bite the bullet and buy Blender... (joking!) https://skfb.ly/DUyN

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Sketchfab has easy exporters for most all 3D softwares, you install as a plug-in and then can easy-peasy upload from the software to the site. WE CAN REQUEST that they write an A:M exporter, and who knows- maybe they will if enough of us do?



Man, I wish we still had Arctic Pigs!

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From James at SF...


Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass it on to the team.

For now, it looks like the software can export some of our supported formats, like OBJ or 3DS.


James Green
Product Specialist

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