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collaboration for starwars fan spinoff

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Welcome to the forum Tim!

You've definitely come to the right place.


Over the years there have been many who have contributed their Star Wars models to the forum and while some of those models might show their age I'd say all might be a good starting point for you to work from even if they are only used as temporary stand-ins until more ideal models can be made.


Live long and produce and may the Forces spline with you! :)

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There is a folder of Star Wars characters and props on the Extra DVD but... at present I've misplaced my Extra DVD (and the prototypes that preceded them).

Perhaps someone with the DVD can post them in the A:M Exchange forum.



The following X Wing is posted in the A:M Exchange forum:




Here's a direct link to the ZIP file: LINK



Here are some older (classic?) models by Dan Olsson: LINK



...and don't forget that A:M imports OBJ files quite well and there are lots of Star Wars models in that file format out on the web.

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Here's a quickly converted Y WIng from OBJ format.

The splinage is dense and has been peaked rather than repaired to get straight lines where there obviously should be straight lines.

If primary shapes were replaced by lathed shapes the patch count and file size would drop considerably.


I also removed the decals from the MDL because the original's didn't match up either.

There are a few missing pieces that could be emplaced through duplication of other parts.


Credit where credit due: This model originally posted on internet (in OBJ format) by Glenn Campbell.

I'm not sure if that is also who modeled it.



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Hi everyone hope everyone had amazing fourth of July, The name of my epic star wars fan series is called Galactic Conflict: Phantom Squadron. The series is about five strangers coming across a banded x wing hanger the group fix's the X wings up an uses them to make a difference across there galaxy.


The reason why I use Galactic Conflict rather the name Star Wars is because I do not wish to run into any copyright valuations.

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