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Here is a wireframe to final gif of my mosquito image contest entry.


This image was 100% generated in A:M with NO Photoshopping at all... not even a levels or curves. Image took about 4 hours in all, 2 hours in 2 days... I like to 'come back' to a project with fresh eyes after sleeping on it overnight- that is when I decided to add the hand. A:M's hair was used on the CU arm and on the mosquito- with a little grooming on each to get it to bend in the right directions. Image was rendered with Depth-of-Field ON in multipass with 100 passes, taking about 32 minutes. The part that worked surprisingly well for me was the lines in the wings, I employed 'render as lines' feature and was very happy with the results. Light in the sky for the sun simply has Lens-Flares turned ON at 10% intensity. The texture for the mosquitos body is a Darktree material... TX Abstract/absCreepy with a bump setting pushed up.


Rob asked me in the interview why I made him look menacing... and I was really just going for photorealism this time and the photo reference I had googled up looked menacing. Plus, when you think about it- mosquitos are something to be feared... they offer very little benefits like a bee does, they are flying parasites that can smell you from 20 yards away and are able to land on a vieny area to bite you. The bites leave swollen itchy red spots and can transmit lethal diseases such as typhoid, HIV, malaria and more.




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Everyone should definitely click thru on the image to see the dissolve effect in the GIF. That's quite instructive.



I was thinking of making a requirement of the contest to submit a wireframe along with the final render so we could all learn more from each other's efforts.

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