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Stian's HDRI


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Stian has posted about how to apply HDRI lighting. On Stian's HDRI image site, there doesn't seem to be

any light probe images to be used along with the HDRI's.


I have a question. Is there a way to create a light probe(ball) image from an HDRI. Normally the "Light Probe"

exists first and then an HDRI image is made from the light probe.


BUT what if there is no light probe image but just an HDRI image. Without the light probe (ball) image,

and the matching HDRI image, the lighting won't be accurate.





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Hey Rodney,


I find that the light probe option works really well. That's also the option Stian uses in his tutorial.


It could be that I missed the folder that the light probes were in. But I don't think I did.

There are non spherical images, but none like a "Light Probe image"..... (circular ball style).

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Latitude-Longitude will do the same job as a Light Probe. And since the HDRI file already is Latitude-Longitude there is no need for two separate files. That is why I never generated Light Probes.


I think you was able to convert a LL into a Light-Probe with the free version of http://www.hdrshop.com/, but it doesn't look like it is available anymore

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