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modeling hang-up

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So...I've been modeling a new character. But I started to work on the foot, and I completed a little more than half of it. But for some reason there is an area which is protruding from it, that always ends at 0,0 on the grid; no matter where I put the rest of the foot. This happened to me before and I was able to fix it. But this time, the "thing" has no CP's or splines or anything. I don't know how it got there, but it just won't go away. Its totally brought my work to a screeching halt.<_< If Someone could solve this mystery I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!


Robert Lazzarini

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i had something like that happen once after I substituted a larger bitmap for a smaller one in an "environmental" material.


It looked like a pointy spike sticking out of my model. But only in shaded mode... wire frame looked ok!


I'm not saying that was the cause of it, but i could only fix the problem by manually deleting all the materials from the project file in a text editor.

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