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Saving Frame Sequence to Movie file

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Well, I bumped into this when I was about ready to use A:M to render out an image sequence as a rotoscope in a new choreography.


Import your image sequence by right clicking the images section of the project work space and select Import... -> Animation or Image Sequence.


Browse to your rendered frames from NetRender or A:M and select the lowest numbered one. i.e. - testrender000.png


Then when they are all imported, right click the image and select "Save Animation as..."


In the Save Animation As window click the button with the three dots in it to choose your path and file type. (...)


I chose AVI as my output with uncompressed frames. (Changed in with the "Compression" button)


After it saved, I used Handbrake to compress it with H.264. (You could probably do this all with QuickTime Pro, but i don't have it)


Let me know if this is clear as mud... and I'll update it.


Sample animation below...


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