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Camera Perspective question

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Hey guys,


got hired to do a custom 3D deep fryer basket for a patent application. I'm rendering the final model and I noticed that the camera (as camera's will do) is sort of warping the edges of the model. The further out from the center of the camera lens the more the perspective changes slightly. Is there any way to get a flat perspective so I can render this model like it was a drawing on a piece of paper?


Any help is as always much appreciated.




You probably know what I mean but image attached just the same.


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Welcome back!


There is a... remedy... for that. In the camera's properties change "Type" from Perspective to Orthogonal.


Note that this is not the "Shortcut to camera" properties but the original camera in the Objects folder that needs to be altered.

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The price I paid for that answer was expensive due in large part to the pain caused by that pun. You Sir have gotten mean. LOL


What's really messed up is that my comic site is down due to the snowstorm in Connecticut, It's been down for three days already and the power company just told my sister it could be one to three weeks before they get power back again. I am REALLY glad I don't live in CT anymore. But with these constant power outages I'm going to have to plunk down a chunk of my hard earned freelance money from this job and hire an actual server. And I still won't be able to switch things over until the power comes back on at my sister's place.


Thanks tons Robcat. As always you are a font of information. :D

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One to three weeks! We got quite a bit of snow and branches down, but personally we were lucky as far as power outages. On Saturday I had to shut down and not work because the power kept "winking" on and off, though we never lost it completely. But at one point the power blinked and even with my backup battery the computer blinked off too. I've always depended on the backup and now I have to wonder if it's even working properly.

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