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  1. Hey Mark. I know you are crazy busy trying to finish Stalled Trek (I've told all my trekkie nerd friends about it). If you get a chance can you step back into that new user thread I had going and tell me how to take shapes from Illustrator into A:M? I've tried it a couple times with CS5 and I can't get it to work. Hope all is well and thanks again for the help man.

  2. Yeah I would definitely like to know how tie AI plug in works. Just tried it a couple times and got nowhere.
  3. Largent. Thanks man. That's a great tip. Is that the wizard labeled "AI" Is that how you import the AI files? Is there a tutorial anywhere for that? Robcat and Detbear.. Ok without sounding like Bill Cosby and his famous "Noah" set. What's a Boolean? The only Boolean I know is in search engines. I do need to make those little rounded rectangle pads that go inside the holes when the entire unit is assembled so if Booleans are just decals or something that won't really worked. But I suspect that Booleans are something better than that. Is there a tutorial on using them
  4. Time to update your wish list again.

    It's a small gesture considering all that you've done to help me over the years but sincere. Thanks man. Enjoy the books.

  5. Thanks Robcat. I grabbed it. it didn't have rounded rectangles like I hoped but it's still a great tool. So here's my next challenge. I'm modeling (or trying to) the part circled in red and I'm having some trouble with the rounded rectangles. I'm not looking for someone to do the work for me (although again thank you for the other stuff guys it helped tremendously). As you can see there are three holes in the outer shell. I've included my project file and model files separately so you can see where I'm at. Thanks fir any suggestions. I learn a lot from looking at your work.
  6. I guess I spoke too soon. Looks like I don't have a primitives wizard. Explains why I never saw it at least. Ha ha. Yeah I'm still using 15J Oh well. I guess I need to upgrade.
  7. Thanks so much to all three of you. You know Rodney and Robcat... you two are literally two of the top five reasons to own Animation: Master. Seriously. You guys are amazing. Rodney.... get an Amazon Wish List. Robcat. I'll be revisiting yours shortly. Lastly but not leastly detbear, I don't know you well but thank you so much for your help. I love this community. You guys really are the best. EDIT: Rodney I've been using the Font Wizard forever. I can't believe I never noticed the primitives wizard. Herp. Derp
  8. So I'm trying to model this: http://www.casrem.com/zoom_e.asp?immago=testata_s_gr And I've run into my old enemy... the circles/ridges. I have to do a few of these things and I've done some similar stuff in the past and I always end up fighting with the ugly dark ridge that shows up. Obviously I'm not a great modeler. But circles have always frustrated me for this reason and I feel I'm must be doing something fundamentally wrong here. In the past I've just pulled everything into Photoshop and "fixed" it. But I'm hoping maybe someone can tell me where I'm falling down here
  9. It will be one week tomorrow. Still no power. Still no website.
  10. The price I paid for that answer was expensive due in large part to the pain caused by that pun. You Sir have gotten mean. LOL What's really messed up is that my comic site is down due to the snowstorm in Connecticut, It's been down for three days already and the power company just told my sister it could be one to three weeks before they get power back again. I am REALLY glad I don't live in CT anymore. But with these constant power outages I'm going to have to plunk down a chunk of my hard earned freelance money from this job and hire an actual server. And I still won't be able to switc
  11. Hey guys, got hired to do a custom 3D deep fryer basket for a patent application. I'm rendering the final model and I noticed that the camera (as camera's will do) is sort of warping the edges of the model. The further out from the center of the camera lens the more the perspective changes slightly. Is there any way to get a flat perspective so I can render this model like it was a drawing on a piece of paper? Any help is as always much appreciated. You probably know what I mean but image attached just the same.
  12. Rob_T

    Hey Guys

    Rodney and Robcat to the rescue as always. Thanks guys. Robcat do you have any idea how frustrating it is to learn how to use Illustrator because of Animation: Master? It's a resource hog. It locks up and crashes (even though I'm using 5.5 at school) and it can't do anywhere near what I can do; novice that I am, in Animation: Master. It's insanely frustrating. Yeah it has some tools and does some stuff that is difficult in A:M (but not impossible). But just using the pen tool and trying to manipulate points in 2D when I'm used to being able to rotate around and stuff drives me nuts.
  13. Rob_T

    Hey Guys

    I know it's been awhile. Bruce and Ken have been helping me with a little project I've got in the works and I've been a little busy as well. I drove across America and I now live in San Diego. I'm going to school at Platt College San Diego and I'm learning Graphic Design (for an A.A.S.) and either animation or video compositing (for a B.A. which will bring my college degree count to 4). I love Animation but the siren call of After Effects is pretty hard to resist. Fortunately I'll be taking at least some of both. After that I have to decide which one I want to specialize in. I've a
  14. Actually I've been rendering to Jpegs for still images and Quicktime for my motion tests and I keep getting the black background. But I'll give your suggestion a try. Thanks HS.
  15. Amazing.. just amazing. I hope the neighborhood I'm building for Remedy looks half this good in toon when I'm done with it.... actually half as good is my pie in the sky prayer... just wow dude.
  16. I've tried changing the color on the Camera background... no matter what color I choose... even white... toon renders the background black. How do I get the background color I want in Toon?
  17. Ok while I wasn't able to resolve the issue on my computer my family has a much faster one. I used that computer and all is resolved. Yay! Enough histrionics for one night. I have three hours until work. Bleh. Sleep. Thanks for the help.
  18. Welp here's the other project with the only different decal I used. Same everything else. Same error message. This is a nightmare. If anyone has the computer power to render these for me let me know. If you want payment or something maybe we can work something out but I need it really soon. Symbolic_Warfare_Banner_1.prj
  19. You just described a whole bunch of stuff I've never done nor know how to do. I guess 3 gigs of ram isn't as much as I thought it was. Thanks for trying.
  20. Hey all. Having a real nightmare with this. I'm under the gun to get a banner done for a convention next week and I need to get the finished file off to the printer but A:M isn't cooperating. I've attached an image of the error I'm getting as well as the project file (I embedded all) I am working with and I'll attach the images I'm using as decals as well. There are two .tga files for one of the models and since this forum doesn't allow for the upload of .tga files I uploaded them at my forum. Here are the links since, there's not point in rendering the file for me if it doesn't lo
  21. Thanks Robcat. I did update to 15j+.
  22. I'm an idiot. I'm using 15.0i not 13. Sorry about that.
  23. You want to hear something funny? I checked this already. I went to options and made sure it was on final because that's what I thought it could be too. But when I saw it was on final I didn't do anything and it didn't make any difference. This time I checked again and I actually accessed the dropdown menu, changed the setting to wireframe and then back to final. And now it works fine. And what's really frustrating is now I can't reproduce it. LOL. The pictures are the only proof I have that I even had a problem. Not that I'm complaining that the issue is solved. As for
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