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hair problem in ver16?

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I have been able to use the hair feature without that kind of problem...


Are you using a character made in previous version? Try this simple test, apply default hair to a simple sphere... see if you crash.

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has anyone seen a hair problem in version 16? im getting a severe crash. total freeze up.


My simple test case works OK.


Post a test case that crashes and we'll have know more.

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In your material>Hair System>Realtime turn the density to something small like 1 or 2% so the real time display isn't wasting your time redrawing a lot of hairs.


Final render will still take a long time. You may want to turn the regular density down too.

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Here's a progressive render that seems to be showing hair rendered.





I turned the regular density down to 50% for that.


If it is going to be a distant shot, some other strategy besides "hair" may get you better looking/faster grassland.

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