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  1. thats weird i cant download your project. it downloads as text?
  2. thats looks great. mind if i barrow that?
  3. i really just need the ribbon to wave gently in a diagonal fashion. the one i made looks like one of those giant characters in front of a car sale shop.... rondor6_front.mov
  4. im trying to do a flyin with a ribbon waving. i was curious about the "wave" plug. are there any tuts on it?
  5. ahh yes, i must have had both running before. ill load up the 32 bit ver. thank you.
  6. so ive been away from AM for a bit and decided to get back in with ver 17. i tried to install TSM2 and it did not show up in my wizards plug-ins im in 64bit version so im thinking thats why. just need some advice as im not very good with rigging. should i use the lite rig? or is there a new rig version that i should adopt that will work well in ver17? thanks mike
  7. thanks, its going to be a zoom in so im not sure if i want the hair or not. i tend to like the hair but renders may be an issue. ill have to experiment further. what would you suggest?
  8. i think my material has a problem? i was able to get it to kind of work but have to wait a few minutes. it still sticks and hangs. maybe i need less density?
  9. okay check this out. its a landscape and im trying to stick grass on the grass group. landscape.zip
  10. has anyone seen a hair problem in version 16? im getting a severe crash. total freeze up.
  11. this is something that has bothered me for a while. is there an easy way to just remove patches from a group without making a new group minus the undeisered patches?
  12. thats an area that i really have not worked on. ive been modeling by the seat of my pants and not paying attention to the more technical ways you described to manipulate my models. its a weak point for me that ill have to work on.
  13. the hand was not attached to the main model. it was an add on that i just stuck up the sleeve.
  14. sure enough your right. anywhere there is a hook it distorts. strange as i have plenty of hooks all over this model. why would it happen on just this hand?
  15. i took it from this model handt.mdl
  16. ive been working on a model for awhile now and it came time to do a flip copy attach. the hand came out distorted. i deleted the hand and just took the left hand and copied it and did a flip hoping that it would be okay. unfortunatley it came out distorted. any ideas as to why this is happening?
  17. FIXED: perspectives were turned on
  18. im using ver16 all of sudden my rotoscopes are invisable. did i turn something off?
  19. it works it works it works.......im not sure why but i thought i would try to open it up one more time before removing hash and do a full hash software install and behold it booted up. so its a mystery. but im up and running. lets hope it sticks....
  20. Well, there's the problem. There's no Steve at Hash anymore. It's Jason. oh see what his email?
  21. well i wrote to steve and to support but have heard nothing from them yet. i really want to do some animations.........is anyone out there?....lol....help i dont want to format my system again....ughhhhh
  22. yes i already did. ill hold off on the format for the moment. just wish i could do some animations now. i need some stress relief.... thanks mike
  23. its not a bad mother board clock its just set to the stock clock. i did change it but it seems that AM does not like any foolishness when it comes to changing the clock. its looking like a reformat is in my future. time for a stiff drink.
  24. it is now but when i did first put it in it was set to some past date.
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