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MAAM Meeting - June, 2008

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hi everyone,


Yesterday's mid-Atlantic animation master meeting was extremely inspirational! Many thanks to our wonderful host Don Davis, providing us with food and a great place to have our meeting.


Now, it's time to schedule the next mid-Atlantic animation master meeting. At the end of yesterday's meeting we thought that some time in June would be a good date for the next meeting. We're doing this one a little bit sooner than we typically would because we wanted to get everyone together just before summer so we can get those creative and inspirational ideas flowing.


So, here is my proposal for the next meeting date with an alternate date.


Meeting date: June 21, 2008, Saturday.

Meeting location: John 's house, West Chester Pennsylvania.


Alternate meaning date: June 28, 2008 Saturday.

Meeting location: John's house, West Chester Pennsylvania.


I figured I would offer up my house for the next meeting location. it should be pretty warm that day so we may even be able to get the barbecue going and do some animation mastering out on the deck.


We have many things to potentially look forward to. let's all soon if we can lock down a date for the next animation master meeting and of course all newcomers are more than welcome. It would be great to see some new faces and said new animation master skills at the next meeting.


If anyone has any questions please feel free to e-mail me or Don.


In the meantime, keep those computers rendering!

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As soon as I completely recover from my hangover... I will think about this...

No more funerals for Vern for a while.


"March was created for people who don't drink so they know what a hangover feels like"


- Garrison Keeler


June 21... at this point in time... sounds fine by me. I am going to make sure everyone knows this date so NOTHING gets scheduled for it. I have the worst luck with MAAM meting dates.



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Hey guys...

I know we have already discussed this in emails, but lets make it official...

The meeting date is - 21/6/08 ! June 21,2008 ! Saturday after next Saturday ! 11 days away!


Please, start preparing your data NOW!

Presentations should be spontaneous, as usual.


Who will be attending, and where are we meeting?

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ok, to confirm all... The MAAM Meeting will be here in West Chester, PA at my house Saturday June 21st, 2008

Starting time I would reccomend 12 noon-ish...

please post if all are in favor and all are ok with this all.

I will email all to confirm. As you know the MAAM Meetings are tough to schedule as we are all busy beez but necessart to keep the fabric of time an space glued together.

If any one has any thoughts, questions, please email me or call me.


Many thanks!!


I do regret to inform that my presentation situation will be "minor" so i am counting on Vern to fill the void!!! Haaa, Pressure!!! :- )

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I'm good for saturday...


But I won't have my legs done in time and I haven't added the control rig to the T800 so animation is a bit tedious... uh... I haven't really done any. It takes hours just to tweak the hands into position one bone at a time ;).

If I have time between now and then I might do a few little animation tests to bring along for rendering.


I was thinking instead of doing an animation render at the meeting we could render a 360º movie of the model to show it off... maybe use some AO. I could throw in a little motion to see how the joints work. I think I can whip that together.


I have a feeling this thing is going to render like lightening on your system John.


Maybe some of you can give me pointers and help on installing a rig. I was thinking of using the new Free! TSM.



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Hi All.


So this Saturdays meeting is officially postponed...


( Postponed because I still want to have a summer meeting sometime) and I will send out an email and Post for new Dates and location options ).


Many things are going on this summer and all the stars and planets are not ligning up for most of us so I am putting out and official "Postponed for This Saturdays Meeting".


Once I take a look at the schedule i will post some new dates and location options. I think the next possible location for a meeting will be in Philly or even possibly Wilmington depending on this and that.


I still want to get together sometime this summer with you all so i will keep on top of it.


any thoughts please post... Hey, anyone seen Mac?

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(SNIP) Hey, anyone seen Mac?


(Left for dead, Mechadelphia crawls from the grave and says...)

Hi guys,


Sorry about being MIA for awhile and sorry about not dropping you guys a line sooner.


I've been really busy at work and that has monopolized a lot of my time for the past several months.


Also, this week my wife and I have also just welcomed into our family our second child! So we are all pretty excited and adjusting right now.


Saturday's are hard for me to escape my job but if a new date is settled on a week or more in advance then I should be able to get the time off to attend the next MAAM meeting. I really want to make the next one.


I tried to find out if the Philadelphia Art Museum can host gatherings like ours but I am still looking into it just so we can see if it is an option for us. (Does that sound like a decent location to you guys?)


Take care.

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Good grief? A brand new kid?


I'm surprised you can even remember our names.


"Maam group? Huh? Who? What? I have a new child! I don't have time for computers!"


You're forgiven. ;)



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  • 1 month later...



Glad to see you are still alive. We thought that once you flew out of the atmosphere with that big green meteor you were a goner. Glad to see you returned to earth safe and sound. and with a New Mech no less. Congrats. We should all chat to go over the next meeting… Do we need to have one… YES… are we still MAAM… YES… Go MaaM Go!! PS, thanks for checking in. if you find a meeting place in philly, let us know. I will also begin looking around as well and see about scheduling the next meeting.




Maybe we should all get skype and have some scheduled virtual discussions….





Rich? Don? I know Vern is here all the time! :- )

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MAC!!!!! Your Back!!! With another mini-mac? OMG!!!


You guys want to try a virtual meeting? Skype is the best way to connect. I probably will just need some notice in email and I'll be there... I'm working on DSP/TekNu right now.




PS- Mac- if you can get us into the museum--- WOWWWW!!!!---- I wonder how much that would cost?

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Skype? That's video right? I have no camera in my puters. I am technologically challenged. I do however have a digital video camera. Could I hook that up somehow? Can I use a green screen to change my back ground? That last time I used skype... no wait.. it wasn't skype. I used MSMessenger to chat with Steve S. live over the computer... that was weird. Audio only.


for some reason I have skype on my mac. I don't remember downloading or installing it.


I don't know about this. I've been returning to my primitive roots and have started believing that photographic images steal your soul... and make you look fatter than you really are.


p.s. Skype always sounded to me like some sort of derogatory name for some persecuted minority. Maybe like chipheads or nerds. I never really liked it.


"You freaking SKYPES! Get away from that Xbox!"

"Dang skype hacked my web site."

"Officer, six skypes attacked me and stole my cell phone and my laptop!"

"Get a job and move out before you turn into some useless skype!"



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