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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

Animation Showdown Entry - "Where is it?"


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  • Hash Fellow

This is not really a "wip", it's more of a "w-asap".:D


My entry in yesterday's Animation Showdown at digitalrendering.com.


where_is_it_320.mov (270K QT Sorenson 3)


Basically, you get four hours to animate, render and submit a character animation on the assigned theme. This time the deal was "Where Did I Put That?" My attempt is not fab, but some of the entries often are knockouts. It's also fun to see how others interpret the topic.


Showdowns happen every wednesday. If you've got your character (or Thom) rigged, and can think/work fast you must give it a try. :)

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Dang, that sounds like quite the competition. 4 hours you say? Wow. I'll have to keep that in mind for something down the road. :blink:


I did like your animation though. Pretty good, smooth. Nice job with just 4 hours.

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Hey, nice job robcat2075! It is fun to see what people come up with in just for hours.


JohnArtbox, you can enter any time on wednesday what you do is send them an e-mail with a code on it and it will bounce back. you have four hours from the timestamp to send your animation back in to that address.

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  • robcat2075 changed the title to Animation Showdown Entry - "Where is it?"
  • Hash Fellow

A re-render of this long-ago animation, 20 years ago this week!

My character isn't properly rigged and I don't know how to use the rig anyway, but I'm getting started on my character animation journey.



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