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If you are in Tennessee, north Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama--or anywhere nearby to Chattanooga Tennessee--I would like to host a user group meeting at my house and studio. I'll do the grilling!!!


June 16th (Saturday). RSVP in this thread!


9854 hwy 58

Ooltewah, TN 37363


423-899-5408 for directions

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Aw MAN!!! I'll actually be in Asheville, NC that day! Not too far away! Family reunion for the week...don't think I could break away. Too bad, Something tells me Will cooks a mean hamburger!

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I was just at Will's house this past weekend. The beauty of living only 20 minutes away.


I will be there so I hope at least Colin is coming with all his chilren (SP on purpose) and his other half. I will prolly bring my wife and children but she will insist on driving seperate so she can leave when she wants.


For the 100's of copies they have sold at DragonCon over the years, you would think there would be more.


Hope to see more peeps there,



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Hey all,


As a delinquent member, I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I haven't touched AM about since my last contest entry because life as a student is absolutely crazy.


In addition, I am currently working at an aerospace software house in Berlin (Pacelab for the US website) for the summer. The job came as a real surprise, so I've been learning German as I go. Luckily my project manager speaks very good English, so I can simply try to learn at lunch when it's not so high-stakes.


Anyways, I hope y'all are doing well and still smokin'!



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