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Hi all of you Mid Atlantic Animation Master users out there.


I wanted to post to potential dates for a summer meeting for the mid Atlantic animation master users group [ MAAM ] and also offer my house/deck for the meeting. The dates I currently have available are Saturday June 23, 2007 or Saturday, June 30, 2007.


Saturday, June 23 happens to be the weekend right after the wizard world comic book convention so June 23 may be a good weekend to get together to go over animation master work, tutorials and some new and exciting things from dark skull productions.


Since this will be a beginning of the summer user group party I will be firing up the grill and cooking burgers and dogs. We'd love to see some new animation master users from the tri-state area so if anyone is interested please send me an e-mail or a message through the forum.


These two dates or not set in stone as of right now but just a suggested date and if I get some feedback if anyone prefers a specific date please let me know.


What could be better then cheeseburgers, hot dogs and some frosty beverages sitting on the deck with our wireless laptops going over the latest and greatest animation master goodness.


I hope to hear from you all soon.


John Hubickey

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We'd love to see some new animation master users from the tri-state area so if anyone is interested please send me an e-mail or a message through the forum.


which 3 states are your "tri-state area"?


and where are you?

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I could possibly do the 30 June, but 23 June is right out.



Tri-state is probably Southeast PA, Southern NJ and Nothern DE, but we also can drraw from the northern MD and potentially the DC area. NC might be a bit of a stretch, but you're welcome to join us!




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Thanks for taking control.

I will know better in a few days about the date.

And just tell me what to bring. I hope you have one of those "Kiss the Cook" aprons to wear while you are BBQing.

I can almost taste the burgers now.

(We spend too much time focused on food at these meetings)

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We can celebrate my birthday as well (06/27) I never get parties anymore.


And please please don't spend more than $500 on my gifts. That is more than plenty. Or you could all pitch in together and get me a new car or a new computer. That would be special.




Fine fine... no gifts... but I'm bringing hats dammit and I will make you wear them.



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Hi everybody,


Thanks for replying. I'm putting in a link to my house and West Chester PA so anyone interested in coming to the meeting can get an idea of distance they would have to travel to get here. Right now I've put down June 30 in my personal calendar as a day to hold onto. It seems like a pretty good date since it's also close to Vern's birthday. If anybody has an issue with June 30 please let me know. We can still change the date is something more suitable to get the maximum amount of animation master users to the meeting.


Vern, I'm not sure if Apple can ship in the new eight core Mac Pro that I ordered for you and get it here in time for your birthday but if it doesen't get here in time I'm sure the 50 inch plasma TV that we ordered for your birthday will keep you entertained until it gets here.




Here is a link to my house:


I'll keep checking the forums to see if there is anyone interested. If you have any specific questions please send me a message through the forums.


Let's try to get all the veteran MAAM users to recruit some new blood and bring them to the meeting! I think will probably need help eating burgers and hot dogs!


Hope to see you there.


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Hi MAAMers.


I will have to come up with a new date for the MAAM Meeting.. .unfortunatly Family stuff has gotten in the way of the meeting on June 30th. Anyone want to suggest some dates? probibly July. right now i have July7th open... Anybody, Anybody?

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I suggest we aim for later in the month just because the 7th is too close to the 4th and I can't say with any certainty what I'll be doing on what may be a long weekend. Perhaps the last Saturday in July? When is that?

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I have to check my schedule. Usually I am free for any time, but I have a rare family reunion in July... sometime. We usually only have them every two years lately, but someone in the family is visiting from out west and we scheduled a small reunion on short notice.


Plus... one of my cousins won an educational award from Apple computer and will actually MEET Steve Jobs! I have asked her to beg... lie... do what ever it takes... to get me either a laptop or an Apple iPhone. They must have dozens lying around. I bet they hand them out like t-shirts.


She already has a top of the line Mac book she got through her school as a teacher... she doesn't need two dammit.


I need to be at this reunion to see if my plan was successful.


p.s. I told her to tell Steve that I keyed Bill's car once and that I have a "Gates" doll I stick pins in... and I always wear black mock turtle neck shirts and I am also losing my hair and I think it looks great. Also that I am a poor Mennonite with only one leg who spends all my computer money on medicine and food for the needy. I can fake a limp, and I did give 50 cents to that drunk outside the Wawa once.


My brother has a brand new Mac mini... uuuurrrrrrggggg.... jealousy... evil. He has had it for a week and it's still in the DAM BOX! After a week I would have reformatted it twice and have 3 gigs of porn on it. ;)


Just kidding about the porn. I only mention that as a joke because I've heard that some evil, non-Mennonite people download naughty pictures. There's no porn on my Mac... I keep it on a CD... dang! NO I don't! I don't have porn! I'm kidding! I don't even have pictures of Elisha Cuthbert as my screen saver... it's Stacy Keibler... dagnabbit! NO IT ISN'T!



p.s.s. I never got my "secret" entry for the image contest finished. It was too much... too many "details" to work out in such a short time. Next month.



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Don't feel bad... I have about 10 gigs of porn.... I go through porn like candy! Well, back to work... Geez! My hand is tired!

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