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You've wandered into 'the grey zone' David...


Sometimes it's obviously better to render an entire scene 'in-camera'...

Sometimes it's obviously better to composite a scene in AE (or like)


Sometimes nothing is obvious...the grey zone. I like the light I see on the moon from the particles. Did you render the particles with an alpha? Last I knew particles did not appear in alphas...maybe thats new. What I did back then-when particles didn't show in mattes...was to use a Photoshop action to generate an alpha channel from the particles own luminence.


In Photoshop: Open a frame of the particles.Make a new action and start recording. Copy the entire image to clipboard (cntrl-A, cntrl-C) go to channels and make a new channel and paste(cntrl-V) the image. You'll notice it lost its color info as alphas are 256 grey. Adjust brighness contrast on alpha until you have the particles in various whites and greys surrounded by black. Done! Stop recording.


Close image. File: Batch: specify that action and apply it to the folder of particle frames...now open trhem in AfterEffects...I think you'll like.


Gotta run.

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Yes I rendered it with an alpha channel.


The particles seem to show up in individual images.


What I notice is the coloring is off in AE. Perhaps I can adjust it there.


I'm re-rendering the flames and text right now with about twice the amount of particles. We'll see how that works out.




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that's hard to tell by just looking at those images..

all i can tell you is that the black background is a preset in ae and is visible where your images have an alpha value. it's always better to use background images or colored layers to adust the background color than changing it in the komposition settings.

the rest depeds on your individual layers, the tranfer modes, the transperency...

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