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  1. We work in Xsi (sucks since autodesk took over) and AM, and additional modelling in z-brusch and modo, occasionally animation in maya.
  2. the bug we have is described here: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=40749
  3. tnx. cuz a 3d model just wouldn't have the same charme. ... and a real one is much easier and faster to bulit. the 3d one was just used for the shadows and masks, so it wasn't textured or shaded.
  4. thanks, the DOF was done in the post using fog to generate the DOF pass. the hair was groomed with both techiques. and there are several hair materials used. short hair for the fingers, longer hair for the body, thicker hair for the beard, another one for the eybrows... etc. every hair material was tweaked different.
  5. @ john bigboote btw, your avatar is the most funny thing i've seen in a looooong time. i know you use it already for quite a while, but it's cool everytime i see it.
  6. i was just wondering, is the mov still available somewhere?
  7. i actually like it this way, cause it helps to focus on the important part, his face. the extreme closeup is also a good idea, but i also think it's a question of style. greetz.
  8. cool cool cool! the kick is just too funny!
  9. sorry, but don't you see a slight difference between those things? well, then guess if you don't understand it. btw. i didn't watch the whole thing either.
  10. wow, this is absolutely great! congrats to this outstanding piece of work! and also great work to convince your client of this crazy charakter.
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