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Found 7 results

  1. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v18.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All: [bug]6687[/bug] SDK missing method for joining splines? Fixed All: [bug]6685[/bug] Decal placement tools do not work correctly in Camera view
  2. Links Updated Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log New All: Button "Snap to CP" snap a bone to the nearest cp You must manually add this button from "Tools->Customize->Commands->Manipulator" (Cube with red point and arrow) to add a keyboard shortcut search for "Snap Bone To CP" only active in modelingviews , when the view is in bonesmode Snap the selected bone manipulator (Chain,End,Shaft) to the nearest cp, hidden cp's are excluded from the calculation except of moving the shaft, the bonelength isn't preserved Fixed All: [bug]6609[/bug] Do not select hidden CP function In shaded modes , cp's which are covered by other patches not longer selectable (also not selectable with group or lasso modes), works in all views. It's now configurable , the button must add manually from Tools->Customize->Commands->Manipulator" (filled cube with a red Z) to add a keyboard shortcut search for "Respect Z-Order" at "Tools->Customize->Keyboard" Fixed All: Displaying the correct keyboard shortcuts in the view popup menu Changed All: Export plugins "Generated Modelmapsize" can now be up to 8192x8192 Fixed All: [bug]6610[/bug] Rotoscope not visible in Pose and causes Exception on Delete Fixed All: [bug]6608[/bug] Preview render gamma correction function is incorrect. Desired gamma (== gamma for previewrendering) has now it's own spincontrol for changing the value and also a displayfield Fixed All: [bug]6602[/bug] Input PNG gamma correction function is incorrect. The gamma correction is now done in dependency of the current gamma Fixed All: Flocksystems false icon in chor unusable icons for instanced models removed. Fixed All: Bonemanipulator not refreshed , when the bone length is set in the Length edit field Fixed All: [bug]6612[/bug] Normal indicators display strangely when some geometry is hidden. Fixed All: [bug]6592[/bug] All normals are visible in shaded mode (when display normals is enabled). Fixed All: [bug]6614[/bug] OBJ sequence exporter needs bigger image size options- 1 setting to work for all frames Export plugins extend the resolution for "Generate Model Maps" up to 8192 Fixed All: [bug]6614[/bug] OBJ sequence exporter needs bigger image size options- 1 setting to work for all frames obj export plugin ask only at the first frame , if the filenames for decals should be unique, when a range of frames should be exportet New Windows Only: plugin Imageformat TIF supports save and load , not supported Multiframe Tiff (load only the first frame, save not supported) New Windows Only: Plugin Imageformat PSD (Adobe Photoshop) supports save and load (save only uncompressed) Layer and Masks are not supported (load and save) Greyscale with Alpha not supported (load and save) Fixed OSX: [bug]6575[/bug] Model Geometry Not Visible In Choriography In Shaded Mode (Mac)
  3. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All - 6601: Percentage pose and skeltal keyframe bug Fixed All - 6599: Filepath recognition is not the same as used in master.exe and renderserver.exe Fixed All - 6311: Patch Images do not Bake Fixed All - 6598: realtime display error for textures with alpha channels Fixed All - 6595: Boolen Cutter is working from some viewpoints perfectly, but from other not.... Fixed All - 6539: average normal Fixed All - 6597: Crash when rendering from a non camera view and Motionblur is active New All - 6391: Set camera to current view two new menu entries for camera objects in a chor Set camera to bird view" transfer the actual camera view into a birdseye view in perspective mode "Set bird view from camera" transfer the actual birdseye view to the selected camera, switch to camera view and make keyframes for rotation and transformation, the birdseye view must be in perspective mode otherwise this option is not avaible New All new plugin "Textured Grid", avaible only from the objects folder self "Select Image", opens a image selection dialog for selecting the decalimage to use "Pixel per Unit", let You define the gridsize for the create model can be a float value (as example 6.4) "Subdivision x" , how many subdivision in the width axis should be createt "Subdivision y" , how many subdivision in the height axis should be createt "Offset (Pixel)", how much pixel the decal should moved on the gridplane in x and/or y axis , if there any other value as 0 in this editfields a wraparound for the decal is done "Copies", how many models should be createt , minimum value is 1 makes only sense if a offset is used , the offset is shifted for each model "Use offset for the first model",if the checkbox is checked the offset values are used also for the first created model "Orientation" , in which view the grid should be created "Modelname" , the name for the created model , if "Copies" > 1 then a numericalvalue is add to the name Changed All new button for "Zoom Selected Object", add this button manually from "Customize->Commands->Navigation" to a toolbar keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Z (as before), but can be changed now if You use this from camera or light view , it creates a keyframe for the computet new rotation Changed All ViewSettingsDialog added a "Apply" button applied changed settings without closing the dialog Changed All Switching viewmode to perspective has now as default keyboard shortcut VK_NUMPAD9 (9 on the numpad) , only active if You have not changed any keyboard acceleration at "Customize->Commands->Keyboard" to get the default acceleration back , You need to delete the file Master.MAC(Master_64.MAC for the 64bit version) in the A:M directory Changed All Particle systems speedup for Blobby (rendering) and Fluid (computation) Changed All Final rendering with SSS on speedup, if OpenMP is enabled
  4. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All [bug]6585[/bug] Crash when change group order. Fixed All [bug]6562[/bug] SSS and Average Normals don't appear to work together. Fixed All [bug]6584[/bug] CP Weight does not work. Fixed All [bug]6583[/bug] Render crash by the pose sliders. Fixed All [bug]6572[/bug] hover text for bone draw mode Fixed All [bug]6587[/bug] Renderserver: Cannot access selected output directory! error Fixed All [bug]6573[/bug] Render or Netrender hangs on specific FRAMES Fixed All [bug]6580[/bug] Model Window's Background color is set to (0,0,0) Fixed All [bug]6564[/bug] impossible to select (Lasso line mode) - new all [bug]6581[/bug] Please add output image with alpha unpremultiply format settings Added new setting "Save with unpremultiplied alpha" to the output properties page, default value is "Off" Fixed All [bug]6586[/bug] Renderserver: "Unable to save outoput path" error and saved files are highly fragmented Fixed All [bug]6594[/bug] The GPU memory total amount RenderSlave uses is too big. It' configurable for each render job .Default value for GPU and OpenMP using is off, it can be changed on the first page from the job wizard (renderserver) The configuration is render job dependant and has precendence over the gpu settings on the render options page. Changed All OpenMP In the global properties page is now a combobox , where You can select the number of threads which OpenMP should use or disable OpenMP.
  5. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All [bug]6561[/bug] transparent models are not drawn correct in shaded views Fixed All [bug]6557[/bug] Transparency is not shown correctly in workspace for OpenGL 3 Fixed All [bug]6570[/bug] multipass rendering with motionblur failed Fixed All [bug]6563[/bug] Add with Shift-Key pressed does not add a new non-continuies spline (worked in v17) Fixed All [bug]6569[/bug] Do not connect two different spline at the beginning of the connection with key-Shift pressed Fixed All [bug]6576[/bug] Crash in final render, when a group has no patches and SSS for this group is on Fixed OSX [bug]6574[/bug] Crash when loading JPEG Fixed Win32 png and exr imageio plugins are not build with the new libs (the old one are still distributed, 64bit version are not affected) Changed All switch from openexr v1x to openexr 2.2 (adresses exr and hdr imageio, read and write(only exr) now possible for the compression methds NO,RLE,ZIPS,ZIP,PIZ,PXR24,B44,B44A,DWAA,DWAB) switch from jpeg6a to jpeg9a (adresses jpg imageio) switch from lpng1237 to lpng1251 (adresses png imageio) New OSX A SSE4 version is now distributed too , the installer for this version detects if the cpu has the capabilities for this version , otherwise it doesn't install. This results in needing a secondary installation packet . To avoid to download the false packet You can look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Macintosh_models_grouped_by_CPU_type if Your mac supports sse4.2 or open a terminal and type "sysctl machdep.cpu.features" (look in the output for SSE4.2) or look in your Master.log (Avaible instruction sets)
  6. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Fixed All [bug]6544[/bug] Sprite-Particle not in Alpha Fixed All [bug]6546[/bug] alpha channel not detected for png files Fixed All [bug]6554[/bug] Bake Dynamic Systems does not work - no key frames produced Fixed All [bug]6552[/bug] simulate spring systems does not work in chor its greyed out and action does nothing Fixed All [bug]6556[/bug] Pressing Y will not part the spline even (and something deeper going on, as it seems) Fixed OSX [bug]6560[/bug] settings dialog for jpg and png not working
  7. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Fixed All [bug]6542[/bug] Crash When Rendering With SSAO & Stereo Together Fixed All [bug]6528[/bug] Crash after editing groups then re-ordering htem in PWS Fixed All [bug]6523[/bug] Rotate manipulator not drawn correctly Fixed All [bug]6538[/bug] strange hair
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