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  1. mmmk..... i know that it only takes WAV files and it is a WAV my headphones are not on it is not muted my sound card is in.... sooooo basicly this program sucks i have came to this conclusion
  2. ok soooo yesterday our sound file and our dope sheet was working... and SUPRISE!! today the sound file wouldnt play the dope sheet was working and the lip sync also but there was no sound comming from the character we have uploaded the file numerous times re added it to the character many times as well the sound file will work in the library but as soon as we put it on our character it will not work... im begining to dislike this greatly.... please help!!!!!!!
  3. Kellie, I'm sorry. I don't fully understand the question. If taken literally I'd say the answer to your question is 'render the fire sprite action out and use the resulting image in your material'. What is it you are trying to do? Can you clarify? The classic fire sprite tutorial is in the manual: Exercise 16, "Smoke, Wind and Fire". im trying to place the fire in a trash can... (hobo sene)
  4. i did that numerous times.........
  5. how do i change a fire sprite action in to a material???
  6. ok so i was able to add a single phenom to the word guns... but when i go to add another A:M closes down why can i not add another??
  7. so i got it to work thankyou!!!! specially mr. robcat guy cuz you really really helped!!!!
  8. how do you make the scence make it dark like night? HELPPP!!! I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!
  9. u look like a man!!! lol jk

  10. U like men!!! and ur a man.

  11. why wont a custom model take two actions we made a custom model and it wont do more than one action...
  12. you move his mouth using the key frames
  13. JOOOOOOOEEEEE!! this project blows

  14. mr. newcomb you are the man!

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