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  1. Thanks you guys for all your help! All these ideas, links and downloads are really helping me a lot. I can't wait until I'm able to help other people with their problems and I'll be the expert, but that's going to be for a long time. Well, thanks again guys!


    Rooky Animator


    yeah dude its totally our thing!

  2. yeah i'm a free person...paying for it i wouldn't be able to do it, 10 to 20$ is ok i guess.


    but there are workshops that go through very advanced stuff that cost anyware from 400 to 500$(CG workshops)


    if people pay that for a full month class basically, how much would they pay for a tutorial that provides no direct instruction and takes a few days? plus there are DVDs/videos for programs that are 20 to 60$(gnomon). theres actualy a car modeling tutorial in pdf format for 3dsmax thats 117 pages and still going, the tires the rims the exhaust , the body quite alot and its free(link)!


    wha i'm saying is your tutorial has to be pretty darn special if you want to charge for it...just my thoughts...

  3. Thank You Ultimate Mage! I used these maps and they sure do look realistic! Now how do I make my own planet? Maybe my materials are too simple and that's why it looks so weird?


    two ways...


    1. edit the images of the planets


    2. use turbulence materials, things like turbulence in turbulence in turbulence in gradient. if you know what i mean....

  4. Is this true? Rodney


    I cannot confirm or deny but the environment is rather hot and sandy.

    We all could use a little bit of your cabin-side scenery here thats for sure.


    When you close your eyes tight enough and breath deeply you can be just about anywhere in the world though. The internet helps a whole lot too.


    You at your cabin... Noel in France... me... whereever the heck this is.

    A:M is moving into all parts of the world these days isn't it? Must all be part of Martin's Animaster plan. ;)


    Hope everyone is doing fine no matter where you hail from.


    oh you totally just avoided the question! :P


    no worries i'm sure your fine :lol: ...but be safe :angry: !!!!

  5. yeah i totally voted for this one!


    i figured you did it...i kinda looked like you...


    btw to answer the dude above, i think he used a sky light rig... if it was ao it would look a bit diffrent so that what i think...am i right? :blink:

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