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  1. I was only making a suggestion. Just a fun scene for new guys to follow. Like a simple snowman scene or a fish or something now and again. Anyway forget I said anything because it doesn't matter. And btw I am working through the exercises as well.
  2. My post got deleted because I suggested new fun simple tutorials?
  3. Thanks guys. It makes more sense now Now I know why Key Branch was used in the stuck door exercise It was used so that the hands and arms would create key frames while not affecting the rest of the body
  4. What does Key Bone, Key Branch and Key Model do? I know one of the buttons is used in the doors stuck exercise. But what does each button actually do? Hmmmm....
  5. Anyone know where I can get this book in the UK? There's one on Amazon.co.uk but is a used copy (?????) at a crazy £39.61!
  6. Hiya! A few people have done more than the tutorials. I tend to do the original exercise then a altered one if that makes sense, and post them both Ken
  7. Thanks!! That sounds like exactly what I needed! Oh I'm so happy now
  8. Hi Guys! I've tried a few tutorials on making a round ball but am not succeeding I make a line, lathe it. Then go to top view and rotate it so it lies on one of the axis. Then I delete the left side and the center line so it's a half circle. Then I get stuck Anyone know a easy way of making a round ball? Thanks Ken
  9. Oops posted in the wrong area
  10. Nice work on this one. I think the eyes is alright
  11. Hi Guys! Hope u all had a good Christmas and don't drink and drive tonight for the New Year! Just a quick question. When I try to bring up the Help in A:M, it just comes with 'Failed to Launch Help'. I know I can just go into the Programs, Hash etc using explorer but I'm lazy Anyone know the secret? Thanks!
  12. Cool What's happening with the alloys? Bits have gone a bit dark
  13. No that I know of... you'll have to download them yourself
  14. Just want to say thanks seven for the Basic tutorials! I think these tutorials should be mentioned in the New User bit. These tutorials has taught me loads and I'm finally starting to be able to do my own stuff in A:M!
  15. Do we need to do these new exercises to get the cetificate? Just wandering
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