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  1. Hi Rodney, Roger Harradine here, I completed the tuts some time ago and hope when you get time you can send me one of your coverted certificates. Take it easy, Roger.
  2. You are indeed. I have to go back and collect all your exercises again as I downloaded them on a different computer. Gallery page and Certificate coming up! Congrats! I assume you are moving on to Animation Bootcamp? I will be having a crack at the boot camp Rodney, but where to post, and how big should the post be?
  3. I tried this with a nice sunset in the background but it renderd out a bit to big so I had to change it. Am I in line for my certificate now Rodney? flock2.mov
  4. I tried doing this one from the manual but hte flag pole was moving with the flag, so I used the video tut. waving_the_flag.mov
  5. at the end of the animation some of the pins go through the bottom of the lane. I tried to move them back but without any succes I'm afraid. Bowling_Project.mov
  6. This is my effort at fire, I must say it's a complicated way to make a fire. smoke.mov
  7. I coudn't get the knight to work properly, his knees pointed backwards. I tried the link from the daily news topics to download the new knight, but the page would not display, so I used the rabbit instead. I hope this is acceptable. dust_2.mov
  8. A lot more simple than that giraffe. marble.mov
  9. I had a bit of fun with this one, when I tried to move his left arm it swiveled around all over the place. After studying it for a while I realized I was assigning bones with the left elbow open. I switched that off and re assigned the arm bones and it was o.k. boneless_thom.mov
  10. Well, I'm calling this done. I found this one very hard, I'm just waiting for those nice young men in there clean white coats to come and take me away ha ha. giraffe.mov giraffe.mov
  11. take your point Leo. Had another go at it. flower_power.prj.mov
  12. here's my version of the plane. i had some trouble getting the decals on, but I think they look ok. I will have to animate the prop and make it fly sometime.[attachmentid=16187] plane2.mov
  13. reminds me of the 60s with the flower power and all that. had fun making it though. flower_power.prj.zip
  14. here's my effort at the sedan, I had a lot of trouble getting the coluor on the wheels for some reason. sedan2.mov
  15. thank to all for the comments, I've tweaked it a bit and hope it's better now. through_the_door4zip.zip
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