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  1. That is some pretty funny shi.... uhh.. stuff! Steve
  2. Thanks for the comments.. I know what you mean with the fall being slow and I was going for him falling back from the rebound of the kick.. but as I said this is the first pass and I don't have the timing quite right yet. I polish it up a bit more with the suggestions and post another version. Thanks again! Steve
  3. Hi all! Since I suck at modeling.. I figured I'd focus on the animation for a while and try to get good at that. I went back to the 'Door's Stuck' tutorial and played around a little.. this is just the first un-polished pass so there's a lot of anomalies and timing issues.. but it's just a beginning. Steve Door's stuck first pass..
  4. I use Gimp v2 on my PC and Mac.. and Linux when I use Linux. Takes a bit getting used to, but very powerful and FREE!
  5. Man.. you English people sure don't know how to speak English..... About the Pencil guy.. he looks great. I'm just starting out and had trouble modeling a bar of soap so I can't give any suggestions.. I agree with luckbat that the arms may be a little thick.. but what the heck do I know. ... and before anyone flames me.. the comment above about English was just a joke and yes, it was intended to sound ridiculous. (humor doesn't com across online sometimes, especially bad humor). Steve
  6. Ahh.. that may be my problem.. I kept tweaking the walk cycle and may have a different stride length now. Thanks! Steve
  7. I would tell you how great I think that work is, but my jaw is still on the ground. Really though, looks excellent so far! Steve
  8. First, let me start about by saying that was great and I can only hope to get that good (I'm just starting) out. Really very impressive! There was something that was bothering me about the robot fight scene, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I just watched it again and slowed it down in places and found two things that aren't very noticable.. but seems it's enough to pick up on. One part where the green bot holds the yellow both over his head.. his hands look like they're open, not clenched around the bots body, like he wouldn't be able to hold him there. Then when the bot kills the last enemy he does a flip and jumps off the guys chest. It's almost like he just bounces off rather than pushing off.. maybe a bend in the foot or something.. Just an newbies observations. Great work! Steve
  9. Wow.. very cool. Way better than I can do right now.. that's for sure! Steve
  10. Yeah, for some reason stride length is one thing giving me a bit of a problem trying to get it just right.. I also looked at the run again and it looks more like a fast walk then a run.. But trial and error is probably the best way to learn.
  11. Ok.. well rather than adding a new thread I thought I'd just tack on to this one. This is my first attempt at a run cycle.. think it turned out pretty well. Opinions and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. Steve Run like the wind.
  12. Hey all.. Well, I just got my software about a week ago and I've been going through the tutorials, but decided to do a little animation outside the tutorials. I used Thom to do a little jumping jack action.. first try was ok, but I got some suggestions and polished it a bit... still not perfect, but I am learning. Then, since I'm a Matrix fan (the first movie anyway), I decided to figure out how to do a simple 'bullet time' sequence. Took me almost all day to figure it out, but could do it in about 5 minutes now if I had to.. haha.. guess that's what learning's all about. Anyway, if anyone's interested I'll link to it here... nothing earth shattering, but you gotta' start somewhere.. right. Steve Before there was Neo, there was Thom!
  13. Ok.. I know this thread died a few months ago.. but while waiting for my software to come I've been reading the forums and browsing the site. This fan film is great! It reminds me of a lot of those "low budget" sci-fi shows that are showing on TV. Please understand, that is a compliment.. I'm saying that it's on par with some of those shows that actually get airtime and even without a corporation supplied production budget, you did an AWESOME job! It definitely had the Star Wars feel to it and the amount of 'technical elements' put into it were truely amazing! That's cool how you mixed the CG legs and live action on the speeder scenes.. I didn't even catch that until I saw the effects clips on the site. The lightsaber fight was bad ass to. I can't wait to see some of your future projects! Stuff like this is very inspiring for an A:M newbie. Steve
  14. Haha.. that was great, I almost felt bad for the little guy.
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