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  1. My file host didn't get it up there. Guess I can forget about showing the hat. I'll just work on something else.
  2. I have a file host, so I'll get it up there.
  3. I fixed it and it's under the 1MB limit, but I can't upload it.
  4. What's going on? I tried the link and I can barely see my movie. I'll have to fix this...
  5. Hey everybody. I'm working on a project with my buddies. I'm fairly new, so I'm doing one thing at a time. I did a toon render on a cowboy hat I modeled and animated. Please tell me how I'm doing. Click Here One more thing. I noticed that there's a gap in the shadow that's not supposed to be there. Any ideas on how I can go about fixing this? Thanks.
  6. lol...it's good to know i'm not the only one with awkward dreams.
  7. I thought I'd say it now. I'm starting to build a Dodge Viper, but I'm in the very early stages. I've taken a screenshot of my progress so far. Feel free to critique on what I have so far. Thank you.
  8. Very funny. I'm mourning Mr. Ball's death.
  9. Thanks for those. I didn't get to watch it in action, but those are just as good!
  10. Good job. I don't have to know German to say that you guys are pretty cool.
  11. Looking good. Though, I would've loved to see it in action. Oh well.
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