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  1. I have a question about vista. I tried AM on a system with and everything seemed to work fine except when I went to orbit in the perspective window. It seemed to drag real bad. Has anyone had this happen? I am looking at buying a quad system with vista but I need it to rock and roll. no dragging, must work fast. LOL I could also install xp if I had to but hopefully i might not have to. I seen that no one really had any bad issues in the posts so maybe its just a simple thing. tx
  2. kuep


    This another example of the power of AM. It is very cool. looking for more!!!
  3. thanks for the input. I really slapped the spin kick move together because I didnt have any real reference to work off of. It needs a lot of work. I will take you suggestions and see if i can apply them. tx
  4. comments greenguyspin1.mov
  5. comments! green_kick1.mov
  6. The tsm2 would be your best bet for rigging bugs and such. you should be able to upgrade pretty cheap. I own this software and it works great. hope this helps
  7. you guys are crazy! Love the work. You all have a HAPPY TO!!! and thanks for making me laugh my azz off.
  8. ME! ME! ME! I finished the course but were do I download the certificate? Its really great of you to put this contest on Rodney! Have a great holiday!
  9. just download it and use the loop in quicktime. oh and thanks, the trex belongs to Euisung i just re rigged it, more to come
  10. here is final shot of rex so you can see the weighting. its seems to work ok
  11. thanks so far guys, i agree with toes, i just exagerated a bit. As I said, I didnt do much on the rest of the body yet, I wanted to get legs and feet going half descent before moving on. The arms have no animation at all right now. This is just shaded low res. cycle so it looks crappy but it renders in about 30 seconds. just worried about the animation itself right now. I have fan bones in the joints and the cog system in the hips. I weighted the model as much as I could stand. LOL. will fix it later when I add more poses to it. It still needs some smart skin to finish it. keep em coming!
  12. One of the new users wondered if I try to do a walk cycle on this guy so I thought I would give her a go. This is very rough and in shaded mode. I am concentrating on the legs and feet right now. I haven't done any weight or secondary motion except on the feet. lots of work to do on it as time permits. I was watching the scene in jurassic park where the trex is chasing the guy with the flare. I haven't watch that movie for a long time and still is state of the art. I am looking forward to some feedback. Ken Helsip is kind enough to let anyone who wants the trex, to download it as soon as he checks the file out. It rigged with tsm2 and cog system. Thanks in advance (download and loop to see the cylce) trexwalk7.mov
  13. Hey Gang! I got a email and have seen people looking for a trex. I put the tsm2 into this one and it works pretty good. it has all the textures included. I have it zipped up but its to big for the forum. Can I email it to someone that can make it availible for download???
  14. Of course another excellent animation. looks like you guys keep real busy. To bad you dont have a studio here. I would be at the first one to beg to work with you guys.
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