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  1. AZ3


    Ha! Treehugger!
  2. AZ3


    Anybody? anybody? ... Been offline for awhile. Haven't been programming or anything. Learning my Arturia and Mixcraft... Fun to play with sound effects while watching movies or television... especially machine guns and explosions during a movie like Transformers. A roll of giftwrap makes a nice virtual fighting stick and baton. If you walk in a "circular L" pattern in a hotel room, it surprisingly times out to the music...like every time! Only took 5-6 months to figure out! The tiles by the door make a neat hopscotch pattern to walk and turn around. I used a magnifying glass from a radio with buttons for effects to look closer at the tv (which runs on alternating current) and noticed 3 layers of colors for each pixel looks like. Best viewed on the channel with white, ?,cyan, green, purple, red, blue, black (same color pattern as white, I don't get it!). Green and Purple appear to be best, but it's still 3 primary colors... What else? Hmm...Oh! Circuit boards and flashlights make nice images. A flashlight towards the TV set looks like an X-Wing Fighter, fun, fun, fun! I bought a bouncing ball to play virtual soccer and golf (gift wrap roll again!) I don't touch my toes when I can hold my fingers on the floor (straight legged). Most importantly, I also navigate around the room with my eyes closed, and appreciate what I have (boo who?). Oh! almost forgot. I think flying a resume with a remote control chopper to prospective employers is a great idea for everybody...but I'd wait until Amazon delivers packages through the air first...then we need to fly pre fab swimming pools to your back yard! Then Airmail! In a snowstorm! But wait!
  3. A bridge designer could have fun with that too. What's Sports day?
  4. AZ3


    Fun thing about it is you don't even need that to make your own app. The sprite sheets can be swapped out in 5 minutes (I'll do that for you!), and you'll have your own app. I just can't upload files here as necessary...(oh, and I'll just go off if someone says set up a website, but I could see that working, just not right now). I never heard of an Android machine, but it sounds logical that there is some sort of system built to do so, bet Google has one. To set up Android Developer Tools (plan to make a day of it), I use Eclipse, then a Java Developers Kit, then Android Developers Tools, (I think there's one more, but it's massively confusing at first). It's all on Windows 8, and it's all free. (So no excuses! Bwa haa ha!) A beginner's book or two would be highly recommended. Eventually, I could send a ready to go workspace, but for now I can share a PDF of most of the code, just before the latest update to see if it's something that you (or anyone else) would be interested in. It could only assist with setting up animations. I think I mentioned Napolean's Sprite Sheet editor before, it's free, time consuming somewhat, but easy enough to use. I have a readme file (which I can't upload) that explains most of that, but I think I mentioned it above (and I just won't even look to find out, what's up with that?) But fair warning, it can get frustrating. That's why I stopped... to make sure there's a beginner's path. Something works both ways there, but I'm spent on head wobbling mumbo jumbo. Actually, I can't see where to attach anything here on the forum, and I don't want to use your site for something that could be deemed as spamming or whatever. If someone could help out, just send me an email or message. I'm sure someone there has my email. Oh, and to run an apk, I use ES File Explorer on the device, and a usb to super tiny usb cable. Then it's drag and drop as always. Then you're a beta tester! And you can say "screen goes black!" or "I don't see how it's a game" or "music stops" or well, you get the idea.
  5. AZ3


    The Starplayer app is ready to start sharing (I even finally heard it worked for someone). I'm leaving the program as is for now, I am unfamiliar with the whole process of testing it, but I'm sure someone will help, no luck on Android forums yet. For now, I was thinking of a (green!) St. Patrick's Day theme...dancing shamrocks. Oh, and I'm desperately trying to calm down! It's like an international conspiracy movie in your mind, but nothing happens! Who has the app? Does it work? Nobody cares? Didn't notice? Anybody? I know it doesn't look as good as it could. It's not going on Google Play until it does, or go ahead put it there. There should be a 'Pre-Play'. And it could be 5 cents, but the intention is to profit from advertisers (anybody!?!), share the code (more like unload it off your brain for a bit). I hope it doesn't require too much social skills or salesmanship, though I've learned to respect those qualities in others.
  6. AZ3


    I'm just going with a simple 2D game based program for now. 4 "layers" of images using alpha transparency (black background doesn't render). I like the real-time 3D, but I just can't come up with a way to utilize it right now... So, it's just putting animations on a phone right now, and improve on how the music (voice, sound effects, etc.) plays better (to the animation). So, right now, I'm trying to get it to work using sprite sheets, but that turns into a lot of memory usage (leaving room for more sound files no less). I did pursue real-time 3D at first and I'll show how far I got, but it was just a spinning sphere. If it works... (I know I get it running on my Kyocera Event)... I'd like it to work in a fashion that allows anyone to put their animations and/or music into it without needing to know how to program it. But still allow the program to be simple and adjustable to allow flexibility for how the next app looks. (And leave room to eventually say... "it's good, just not Starplayer material, now is it [Joel?]"), I know it looks scatterbrained right now and I do wake up with the ol' "it'll never work" feeling everyday... But if you can get the .apk file on my profile to download and work... and then let me know!, you'd be the first! Sure it has problems and the animation was just to see if it displays really, but it would mean the program (app) works and just needs improvements (forever and ever and ever!) and new ideas. I like the idea (not so much just an idea while I work on the next demo) of fixing up a dance without worrying about background, lights, props. Then, if I render a good dance, grab from a pool of backgrounds, props, lights. Or, render a cool light show another night. Then mix and match, eventually. Works with work in progress well... as well. But, anybody could render a sprite sheet for your app using some fotoslop software eh?. ... Yea, if you want to see some weak ripoff of South Park. I'm using 12fps... 5 12x12 sprite sheets per minute (easily adjustable to increments of 12s, ie loop 6 sheets for 1:12 or 5 sheets for 1:00 (default for now). Music would be aligned perfectly for 16fps at 120 bpm, then timing say a drum stroke with a beat.wav would be easy, but it doesn't work out smoothly with other things. Works every other second and a half I think. I'll put what I find on here, but I do not want to waste anyone's time, or worse, get hopes up (unless it works, oh!). But it looks far more promising than a VB6DX8.1 program that has been deprecated (oh? what's that mean... means it'll never work!) since Vista. All the help (outside of here) has been through Apress publications. Mainly, Practical Android 4 Games. I drifted from the Starfighter project after Ch. 5. The SDK, IDE (Eclipse), Java SDK, Android SDK... all free. Very intimidating at first (if I recall from a year ago), but very nice once familiar. Plus, you can make an app without knowing Java or XML (not suggested except for quick fun) using the interface in Eclipse. Took 8 full hours to understand how to setup for me. Thank you for the replies!!!
  7. AZ3


    I don't look at my old posts they're crazy. Cal3D (?!?) has this... https://code.google.com/p/android-cal3d/ looks strikingly similar to your real-tyime renderer. I only do second person playables.
  8. Happy Birthday! Would have prepared something had I known.
  9. AZ3


    I'd like to share what I've learned so far if anyone is interested. I have a start and if anyone wants to put an apk example on their device (I use ES File Explorer on Android) then I'll show what I have (which isn't much yet) and see how someone else could modify it with their own images... which is the eventual idea. Vera's dancing on the phone. [Ha!] finally!!!![a sprite showing sweat.] Ok then! I Started with the basic B&N Android starter book: Practical Android 4 Games Development: {StarFighter} Setting up Android, JDK, omg, etc., will take a full 8 hour day, then it's confusing, but once you're navigating the Eclipse SDK (and don't know what the hell you're doing) it's well what it is. An apk is a "bare" app not marketed but installable similar to a .exe. ^ES File Explorer on Android^ It's in the /bin folder believe it... Generated by the program(IDE - interactive development environment {that should get me laid}) after compile // similar to an R. file that you don't edit. Pictures go in the /res/drawable folders ( But no. Just a sprite dance in front of an animated background? aka...sprited"" background,,, . . . the SPProps class... a hybrid... a rebel class with... rebel methods. //TODO add library joke With music to the frame? Booom!!! Oh and you need to compile the images in the compiler when the app is created until we can just replace the /res/drawable/ files with links. After that... . I trolled another Forum>(thread)? [thing with text] to test uploading a(n) .apk file which didn't work. But the .apk works now. not sure if you uploaded what I tried to send... obviously not right? I'd send you a picture, but... I'll keep working on it until anyone else seems interested, but update me by email if you could when someone responds to Android forum, ppplease.
  10. AZ3


    Just wondering if an apk file can be uploaded. I at least got something on the device for now.
  11. AZ3


    I don't want to run A:M on anything less than a laptop (current situation, prefer neon office w/multiple desktops). It's the output that needs to go on the phone (um. Now!, or whenever cause it will be a contest of content then)... But I'd like to see the program to do so ripped off here, right? So long as the animation corresponds to the sound... ie {boom at 4s--->, ?measure beat, frame 64 sprite:32 background:8 sprite2, (8th beat?[120 bpm]) <yea just how do I render it... well how do I slap the song together...> <-- Don't know yet. It's not as easy as it sounds, but the plan is to do it all myself for now . Thing is, there's video players that exist, and that just doesn't sound efficient enough for me. But worst case... a decent animation on the idioternet? No, that just won't do. <nothing against the internet> All goes back to visualizing the songs I hear. As always, keep this top secret .
  12. AZ3


    Thank you for showing interest jobe (The Jobe?) I've got an Apress book from B&N that may be the way to put animation on the 'smart phone'. The programming keeps me sane. But imagine an animation in your pocket... then it's who's got the best music and animation to put on... Monoboom Starplayer!!! But forget the names, that's very, well, I don't know... premature? A standard [adjustable tempo and frame rate for multiple sprites and backgrounds] to put us all on devices... I think the devices will get an A:M user addicted... 25s animation (to the beat) and 5s commercial (animated?)... next 25 seconds please...: ) But sprite at 8fps, background 4fps, 120bpm, can we do 32fps when Vera touches down to the boom? And then light it up...
  13. Ah, but what fun would that be? Ah but what FUN would that! be. [that! would be] [that will be] I'm sort of an off and on user (umm...) I drew this... I like smart phones marketing like you got that animuhad ready dip****? But tomorrow morning I'd prefer to fetus position in the closet (not that closet). Although constraints are fantastic, I only use them for eye contact. I drew something good once, it was the 'now what' I had trouble with. I don't know if I've lost more pics than money, but IT?... [Well I ain't done it yhet ] Forgotten 3D technique (well let me tell u.not forgotten) : layers [2 layers in Angered Bichs, but 3-7 layers with unique lighting?] I always think of animating beats, booms, slices, etc., but I must have it backwards. It's called a sprite sheet! [similar to a scrollable background, if you have a scroll~-~] It's the music that makes me cry at the movies if you can believe that. I think 15 or 20 or 25-30 is the best frame rate, unless you only have one picture, then scroll. Movies are 24 frames per second if I'm not mistaken, and I like movies, so...? TV-30fps Phones(?) Devices(?) Was there a middle option? Well hopefully my 3-4 characters show up. I'll find a BigBoto Photo too [phat] 38_Rise.mov
  14. AZ3

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    I'd like to see only the forums I have posted in as an option. I'll bet there's a simple way to do it, but the older you get, you know.
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    I was trying to put the output onto an app actually.
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