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  1. ManBot5 aka. Boto knows how to party the Olympics. Key is to animate him from the (hip:) pelvis. Starts well with trying to do the helicopter on a bed, then a swivel chair with feet in the air. As few restraints as possible, actually none at first. Then I go back and make the feet look like they drive the action, basically just putting them above the zero plane, but better yet! Delete the floor!...or ground model... and who really notices or cares or actually wants to see it any other way?!?!!! Actions dragged into Choreographies always has a glitch, but! Render in the Action and place it over something is the way I go. So, just to toss in an opinion, (and I did do the spline shot basketball tutorial), personally, with all due (oh do shut up!)... I'd get rid of the ground, slalom in free space, and make the slope (currently snow) a disco ball! If I recall the background was black or a flat color which could use a background with...hmmm(fireworks too easy!) Jealous Aliens With Ammo Suckers chasing their lead idiot (in this case Boto) Then!!! 007 For Your Eyes Only, ... Boto managed to piss off the Snowmobile Ski Patrol... armed with... Phaser Locaters (flashlights) But!!! On the K2! with unemployed newspaper delivery kids on studded tire motorcycles, who don't particularly care for the Snowmobile Ski Patrol but they tolerate them because, well they get the uh <drugs.sh>, only!!! thing of it is! The guys they buy from (Ancient Chinese Mafia) didn't get paid yet! So, although they hate Jealous Aliens With Ammo Suckers, they need money, yet managed to build the Propeller Driven Snowmotube w/ Extra Loud Light Ball Launcher, but! just to up the ante! They just had to bring 3 guys, one with a flute, one with a drum, I forget what the other one does? Carries a flag if I recall. Anyway, the dialogue gets real heavy when Vera comes into the ski lodge, while Sbarky washes dishes, cooks, mops, etc. It's more fun to just imagine it, if you can picture it, well much faster! But go ahead and use ManBot5 if you like. Sbarky shares the same skeleton pattern, Vera's slightly different so she can't dance in sync like them, unless she tries. I'd pop Boto's head off and well do whatever. Sbarky just taking off on a long backflip for starters, just tilting his head back a bit. Upside Down Helicopter move next, then stick the landing 2 inches past the last guy, but no hurry. ManBot5.mdl
  2. Now, I have to make each group a different level of transparency... Nahh! Sprite sheet dimensions are all messed up again.
  3. Happy Birthday! Would have prepared something had I known.
  4. Ah, but what fun would that be? Ah but what FUN would that! be. [that! would be] [that will be] I'm sort of an off and on user (umm...) I drew this... I like smart phones marketing like you got that animuhad ready dip****? But tomorrow morning I'd prefer to fetus position in the closet (not that closet). Although constraints are fantastic, I only use them for eye contact. I drew something good once, it was the 'now what' I had trouble with. I don't know if I've lost more pics than money, but IT?... [Well I ain't done it yhet ] Forgotten 3D technique (well let me tell u.not forgotten) : layers [2 layers in Angered Bichs, but 3-7 layers with unique lighting?] I always think of animating beats, booms, slices, etc., but I must have it backwards. It's called a sprite sheet! [similar to a scrollable background, if you have a scroll~-~] It's the music that makes me cry at the movies if you can believe that. I think 15 or 20 or 25-30 is the best frame rate, unless you only have one picture, then scroll. Movies are 24 frames per second if I'm not mistaken, and I like movies, so...? TV-30fps Phones(?) Devices(?) Was there a middle option? Well hopefully my 3-4 characters show up. I'll find a BigBoto Photo too [phat] 38_Rise.mov
  5. AZ3

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    I'd like to see only the forums I have posted in as an option. I'll bet there's a simple way to do it, but the older you get, you know.
  6. Yes you have a panel called "Library". I'm at work now (no where near A:M) so I can't see the application but i think under the view menu option you can check off "Libraries". Here's a link on setting up additional libraries http://www.hash.com/lib/ Hope it helps Similar boat, no A:M now, but I have to plug some chips into my computer now ... on Windows 8... C:\AM I tried to upload some models, actions, etc. video. So, let me know if it worked!
  7. wait, you guys have a library? I had my stuff on a website.
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