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    AMD 64 x2..1g ram and a 3yr old Vid card.
  1. Thanks to all. I did mess with Toon Boom for about a year off and on. So I have a little knowledge of key frames. Im seeing that I will live in the timeline and do passes of the initial layout of the key frames to fine tune. Can anyone suggest a good online course that would allow me to use HAM? I want to do animation for a career.
  2. Just wanted to a. say thanx to Robocat for all the help. And here's a little of my work. I know its very very rough but for 4 months and no back ground I am proud:) http://www.youtube.com/user/Hazard6211#pla...l/1/23Wx9i24P9o
  3. http://www.youtube.com/user/Hazard6211#pla...l/1/23Wx9i24P9o oh there's one. does that work?
  4. Oh robo my friend. You give me too much credit. How do I post a link? and what always gives you a URL? I do know what a Universal Remote Locater is tho.
  5. How do I and where do I share the little clips I've made for review ? I am teaching myself, for about 4 months. So I would like to post some small video so I may get some direction. I dont know what I need to know until I need to know it Thanx to all Me and a friend have a small idea about a lame bunch of super heroes. With no real powers they fight forced sobriety everywhere. Pretty funny stuff if I can ever figure this thing out. next steps are modeling. ( I am good at bodies but crimp faces) and lip syncing. All my stuff is on YouTube channel_ Hazard6211
  6. I wont be any help. I am learning too and you are much farther along than i am. But I know the first question ppl are going to ask is.... What kind of problems are you having?
  7. What type of file does hash import for choregraphy rotoscope. i.e. for live motion?
  8. Man you the greatest thank for the help
  9. Smartskin isn't for attaching CPs to bones. You do that in the model window. that guy is messed up. Smartskin was never for attaching CPs to bones. Have you done the tutorials in TaoA:M? You'd be ahead if you had. You'd know that smartskin is not for attaching CPs to bones. You're trying to create a rig from scratch your first time out. This is asking for an unhappy result. Use one of the rigs that has directions on how to install it like TSM2 or Mark's 2008 rig. TAoA:M shows how to install the 2001 rig although that's not one of the better rigs. You can find these in the "rigging" sub forum. I have done the tutorials. I know how to assign cp's. Just lost in how to fully rig the char. I will try as you suggest and import some rigs. Thank again!
  10. "slider up and down in time line" I dont' know what you mean. This doesn't sound like smart skin. I right click the bone i want to attach the mesh to. "new smart skin" A window pops up. the tutorial I was using (Demented 3D) says to use the timeline window to bend the joints. It is for a much older version of HAM. I use 14.0. smart relates the motion of one thing (usually mesh) to something else (perhaps a bone) but it doesn't limit the bone. Okay got it! Oh, oh! this doesn't sound right. Tell us how you rigged your character. I'm thinking some essentials have been missed. And PC or Mac? PC. I figed the normal sketeton root to pelvis ect. the hierachy is sound im sure of it. However I did play with aim constraint and orient like contraint to a knee null and a hip null for each leg. I am unsure of myself doing this part. But the other legs works fine and they appear to be the same as far as the heirachy goes. Hope this helps and thank very much!
  11. Hello again, just finished a figuring out the skeletol heirarchy for a character I am starting. Now my question is......... When I smart skin a joint. As I move the sliders up and down in time line. Am I setting permanet characteristics? i.e. I bend the hip 90 degrees. does that limit the flex of the joint until i reset it? My character's right leg "disapears" and "reapears" as I try to move the joint in choreagraphy window. Also is it important to set all Joints? dont know if I being clear enough. I am so close to being able to create my toon walking and acting in the world. You know how I feel! I can almost see my ideas in real life. Please help!!!!!
  12. Welcome to A:M!

    If you have questions about how to do something with Animation:Master this forum is the right place to ask!

  13. 1st... How are ppl rendering to get that polished movie look? 1080p/multi pass? 2nd... I use VGA or low and final for my rendering. a 32 second clip takes 2hrs on low/preveiw. My question is. Will a faster system speed the process. I currently have a 1+MHZ duel core with 2+mb of ram and a 1g video card. How much will a faster system speed up the rendering process? Thank you to all that reply.
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