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  1. Don't "winky" face. This issue is neither funny nor cute. If Jason is the only one that can handle such matters then someone has to get him on the ball or if someone else can be then someone else should be given the job. Besides this matter their is also the times I've seen with people or a person was stuck waiting for a new license. A fall back needs to be assigned or hired to keep these things from happening. You may have your slightly bug fixed update but that most of the rest here don't makes it rude to announce your special case/privilege so flagrantly.
  2. So will the general current Hash user base also be able to use 19b or will it be like the 19a update and just be limited to a select few?
  3. Hi Elm, As far as I understand it (please correct my if I am wrong Jason) there are two version available: - A:M Subscription for 1 year ($79.99) - Never expiring version ($299.00) Both are download-products today. (only manual + ExtraDVD can be selected to be shipped with the never expiring version). Both are software-dongled to one computer per license. > Infos on hash.com: A:M Versions See you *Fuchur* It isn't a dongle. Don't misled. The hash.com software details page should also be corrected. "A software protection dongle is a small piece of hardware that plugs into an electrical connector on a computer and serves as an electronic "key" for a piece of software; the program will run only when the dongle is plugged in." To my knowledge Hash still uses Reprise License Manager. Although I've read of configurations of RLM that support using usb memory sticks as dongles Animation Master doesn't utilize that. The license is tied to the computer itself so it isn't transportable. This incorrect usage of the word dongle isn't up for debate. It is simply incorrect, either by ignorance or willful deception. The unwillingness to be forthright about the limitation is disgusting. And for the love of whatever don't effing respond to this trying to espouse the virtues of the current license or rehashing how the previous is gone and just accept the current we've been through that d4mn dance already.
  4. http://www.anzovin.com/products.html now has download links for both PC and Mac versions.
  5. Just because CPWeights might do the job doesn't mean you should just go for a workaround. It is best to know how both tools work and that both are working correctly. There are many cool things that only Smartskinning can do. I really on smartskin for what I do so if there is a problem I want to be sure. Which version of AM are you using? I did a quick simple test with both 14b and 14c and didn't notice a problem but it was a very quick simple test. Are the CPs positions changed but just not the way you like or are they not being affected/assigned by the smartskinning? If not at all then maybe key muscle isn't pressed. If not correctly then are multiple smartskin keys assigned? If they're not at regular intervals then that can cause weirdness.
  6. Posting for additional verification sake: I just tested (animation preview render) the Barbarian rigged 3 from the extra DVD in v14 (latest as of posting date) and also had it hang (around 30% as well), but the lines shooting out problem I didn't encounter with it. An animation preview in V13t though did render it in seconds.
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