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  1. Have you ever used it before? If not here are the general steps: Select Patch Group Mode (Shift P) Click on a valid patch If you don't click on a valid patch nothing will be selected. Thanks for your quick reply Rodney I have use it extensively on AM version14 but 15 don't work can you please check if yours works. Perry
  2. Hi forks I can't get the Patch group mode (shift+p) to work, is it only me? The cp's do not take on 15e please help
  3. Hi all Do you mind if you allow me to enter in the raffle too please, I am trying to purchase all the siggraph tutorials. Sincerely Perry
  4. Thanks Guys for checking it out for me, sorry I did not respond sooner but it was 4:30 am in Australian time and I fell asleep. I will make a report on it. I really love this program and I always trying to find bugs in it so as to inform AM programers to make it super stable, not that it nearly is.
  5. Hi Rob I've tried resaving the file in a different name but still the same result, here attached are both files I am having trouble with, anybody wants to try rendering a frame on 14v for me? please let me know if it works or not. Perry BARBARIAN_RIGGED3aa.mdl helicopter.mdl
  6. Hi Jon No it is not limited to real time nor does spacebar fix this error. When rendering it takes hours, I usually stop it before it completes its render, however in 13vt it renders within seconds. Can you please render this model in 14v to see if this problem exist in a different computer. barbarian.mdl Perry
  7. Hi all I am having problems with a few selected models in rendering on 14v, prior to rendering I get lines shooting out of the models in real time. Please see attach, from Leopard Queen project and the other is a helicopter model, Can someone please check to see if they are having the same problem, it seems to work fine on 13vt.
  8. Hi Rusty Do you mind if you also report it as well just incase I didn't do it right thanks Perry
  9. Thank Rusty for your responce again I tested v13 and v14, both have the same problem, I will report it, gee, I thought I was becoming a nuisance over this.
  10. Thank's Eric for your responce If you want a decal to repeat, you must use a seamless decal. AM will not automatically make a seamless decal out of one that isn't seamless to begin with. I actually do want a decal to repeat and I also realise that the caterpiller image is not a seamless image but if I select repeat set 2x2 and select seamless to on shouldn't I render a image different to the image attached, that is part of the image be fliped in a pattern? Perry
  11. Sorry Rusty if I was not very clear what assistance I am after but I will try to be more clear, here goes. Although your seamless tutorial was very benificial to me, I make a simple 4 point patch, place a image as a decal, within the decal properties I select repeat x2, y2 then switch seamless to on I then make a render of it, the result is, seamless does not work for me, any ideas anyone. Cheers Perry
  12. Thank's Rusty dude! I will try to check it out tommorow, it's currently 2:59am Australian time and I need to be in a important meeting early in the morning. I must say, I been to alot AM forum sites to learn as much as possible and I seen you help lots of fokes out there and I am true thankful. Sincerely Perry
  13. Hi all I am having a problem in trying to get seamless decals to work in v13 and v14 on my computer, can someone confirm or assist in showing how its done. here are the steps I have taken without any success. 1 Made a patch surface 2 Import an image tba or jpg and applied to surface 3 In the image properties I applied 4x4 images and selected seamless 4 Quick rendered or full rendered resulted in seamless not working, leaving it in normal tiling effect. I might have a virus! Please help Oh I really love this program, thanks Mr Hash
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