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  2. It is definitely to late now. But for future ref you can always find the link in my signature.
  3. Nevermind, my minipc got no microphone jack.
  4. Is it too late? Where is the link to get there?
  5. Is that computer on the internet? Can you bring it to live answer time?
  6. Nothing. Absolutely nothing comes up and I opened a 3 window layout and saved the layout but when I try to load it nothing happens.
  7. It also remembers the location of tool bars. What is it not doing for you, Edward?
  8. Would you believe... I've never tried that before? 😄 When I save and reload a layout it seems to recall a specific arrangement and visibility of interface panels like PWS, Properties, Poses... the things you toggle with ALT-1 through 7 It does not seem to recall an arrangement of model or chor windows within the view port
  9. Saved a 3 window layout but when I try to open it nothing happens. Then I tried again after making 3 windows and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
  10. https://forums.hash.com/topic/47449-live-answer-time-saturdays-noon-cst/
  11. Could you show an example of what you are working on? This would also be a good Live Answer Time question if you can make it.
  12. Texture! How do I make nice Texture on a model? How do I make texture line up well on a model in order for to look nice. Sometimes when I decal it on the image it look terrible or all over the place.If I add or insert image directly to image it seems like the image has a mind of its on. So my basic Question how can I make texture look smoother.
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