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The first time I really went to town for an animation in AM- and I mean REALLy went at it- channel editing and everything, I remember a moment when my wife walked past me, took a look at what I was doing and sneered. I mean she really audibly sneered too. You know: "Tsh..."


I didn't understand what could have caused her reaction- but she thought that what I was doing looked so *ugly* that she couldn't understand how anything interesting or even amusing could come out of it...


So now, sometimes I sit back, load up ALL the channels to a character in a scene and sort of look at them... they really are sort of beautiful to me; hard to believe I'm responsible for all those lines and that something known as "character" can come out of them. And that I might spend a few hours tweaking the position of the little dots until they're juuuust right.... without even looking at the 3d representation- you just get to know them to some extent.


Cool stuff to me....




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Yeah now *DAT'S* what I'm takin 'bout!!!


LOL Brings me back to my Polyray days....


Here's a sample of a script:


All text- and does probably some silly mechanical looking piece of animation which was the best I could do at the time! :ph34r:


I can't take credit for typing it all in- I modelled in Moray, then exported the script, then used a utility I programed to calculate the math for inbetweens in two scenes where things moved... I'm getting a headache just thinking about it now.


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