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Thought i start a new thread so as to not hi-jack another. I've always used decals to kind of make material for my models.

This is what it really looks like image.png


this is what i've done so far. I havent been able to find a Tee shirt type material. I tried looking in the darktree materials but i couldnt find it


Any pointers or tutorial you can point me to




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  • Hash Fellow

Cloth tends to be rather flat in color, with somewhat less of the even shading from light to dark that we see in hard surfaces. Setting the "Falloff" lower will help do that.

Cloth often a layer of fuzz above it, that when seen on-edge looks brighter or whiter than the true color. Back lighting also causes this highlight. Adding an edge gradient material can help suggest that.




The most critical aspect and the hardest one to do is to have give it folds and sags like cloth would have. Modeling and rigging those is challenging. The Scarecrow in TWO was well-done in that regard.

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