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STILL with the Threads!!!!


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Set up the gradient materials and the pose sliders exactly as robcat did but can only get the trailing end to work. Been over and over all the details for 2 days and I give up. See attached prj file. Hope your listening robcat.

I'm missing something obviously. Just can't find it.


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It was the old "Phantom within a Phantom" syndrome! You'd be proud of me robcat!

There were a couple of old Pose sliders hiding in the model that would show up in the properties panel and pose slider window but NOT in the PWS relationship folder!!! (not sure how that happens but then I still haven't figured how Santa delivers all those gifts in one night either)

So once I found those I gleefully deleted them and all was right with my tiny little world.

Many thanks to you and all the other AM ninjas who take the time to help me.

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