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Hey everyone.  

I'm having to copy/Flip/attach a character model. The center line cps are not on 000. Is there a quick way to move the center line of cps to CENTER 000????

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Remember that handy list of new features I sent you?


Scale to X=0 option v19a
Before we do a Copy-Flip-Attach it is good practice to select all the CPs we presume to be on the center Y axis, go to their properties, set their pivot point to X=0, then scale them to 0% in the X axis. It would be a convenience if we could select the CPs and then just RMB>"Scale to X=0" to accomplish this frequent task in one step.


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Hey. I selected the splines on the center and then did the steps below. It worked quite nicely.Center Line C.jpg

AND THEN CHOOSE THE X plane and keep the number at 000 for X axis.

Center Line D.jpg


Center Line E.jpg


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