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I'm having issues in v19o with rendering normal maps on non-rectilinear patches using anything thing other than a final camera render in a chor.

At the top of the attached image are shown five flat surfaces. The left-most four patcher is similar to the surface that I was modelling when I discovered this. The next three surfaces have the same outline but each is built with a different patch layout to see its effect. The right-most surface is a reference square 4x4 patch plane. All patch normals are aligned. The same normal map image is decaled to each plane.

Isometric views of these five surfaces are rendered as 5 pass progressive or 16 pass final in a modelling window, in a chor window (not thru the camera) and with the chor camera view. In all cases, the decal renders properly only on the 4x4 square surface or when it's a final render thru the camera.

Naturally since everything renders properly in a final render it's not a show-stopper but it would be nice if a normal map decal always rendered properly.

I've attached the project used to generate the illustrative images.



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Rodger, can you add the "rear_hinge_hub.tga" image that is called for?

Even though you did an "embed all" on the PRJ, images will still not be embedded.


Do any previous versions do any better?

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