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Darrin's image contest WIP

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Well, not done with the website (flownuts.com) but finishing an image for a contest.  Like done with one run and too busy to stop because of the next one.  But to spend too much time to finish the touches on this one might take time from the next one.  It's not like I've spent a lick of time on this recently, but I have but a dime to spare.

Does that make less sense?

What if it's all I can do for now, but would like to see it done better?

A Premature Enterprization.?.

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Haven't posted in a while, I just noticed you responded to some of my responses, but reality takes a lot more of my time.  

Spare time in recent years has been with FL Studio to add sound to animation.  I have some songs that are cheap and would like to share.

It ain't an animation without the sound said the ground that I beat with my feat and feels my defeat... and those cheap rappers make the money?

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1 hour ago, Darrin_in_Meadville said:

Do you give suggestions prior to submittal?  Should I give you a shot of what I'm working on or wait?  What if I finish before I'm done?  What size?

Some of those are bit busy for my taste ;)  but you can enter whatever suits your taste and fits the rules...




  • All entries must be modeled and rendered in Animation:Master. A paint program may be used for texturing.
  • Entries may be in any vertical or horizontal format with a shortest side of no less than 720 pixels
  • Submit a Shaded Wireframe render with your Final render.
  • Submit your entry to robcat2075 in a PM (private message) on the forum.
  • Include a title for your work in your PM
  • TGA files are preferred to JPG
  • It is allowed... nay, encouraged!... for you to post a WIP thread of your potential entry on the forum.
  • This contest is organized and operated by Robert Holmén. All rules are subject to his interpretation, whims and fancies.
  • Deadline: The Ides of March... March 15 2021


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