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    Android app with animated dancing & music, user interactivity.
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    Consistent, entertaining content going into an app & website.
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  1. This uses field of render to soften the flaws of the subject model
  2. Greet Sweet Tweet the Beat From my seat with some real heat Then brag about your feat one I see itl See, this just rolls off the tongue, it's totally stupid, but Americans buy it like gold! I'm American, what are you saying?
  3. Haven't posted in a while, I just noticed you responded to some of my responses, but reality takes a lot more of my time. Spare time in recent years has been with FL Studio to add sound to animation. I have some songs that are cheap and would like to share. It ain't an animation without the sound said the ground that I beat with my feat and feels my defeat... and those cheap rappers make the money?
  4. I'm just a Surveyor-In-Training (seriously!) working for my Dad right now. Got fired from my Civil Engineering job in Meadville, PA cause some girl messed my mind up (but so worth it!) What more do you want from me?
  5. Well, not done with the website (flownuts.com) but finishing an image for a contest. Like done with one run and too busy to stop because of the next one. But to spend too much time to finish the touches on this one might take time from the next one. It's not like I've spent a lick of time on this recently, but I have but a dime to spare. Does that make less sense? What if it's all I can do for now, but would like to see it done better? A Premature Enterprization.?.
  6. Do you give suggestions prior to submittal? Should I give you a shot of what I'm working on or wait? What if I finish before I'm done? What size?
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