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How many times has this happened to you?

You line up the perfect Birds Eye View to move that spline or rotate that bone and then you realize you need to go to a different Birds Eye View to hide some mesh first... and then you'll need to refind your current view!



Or maybe you sneeze while you're Turning the view and everything spins away to who-knows-where!



If only you could get your view back!

When you are in a standard Orthogonal view the Numberpad 7 key will take you back to the last-used Birds Eye View... but that doesn't work when you're already in a Birds Eye View!

You need the amazing Birds Eye View Queue!

With Birds Eye View Queue you can click back through any of your previous views and click forward again to your more recent views.

Birds Eye View Queue has three buttons on your interface... View Undo, View Redo, and Clear View Undo Stack



They have Keyboard shortcuts...

View Undo: ALT+SHIFT+Z

View Redo: ALT+SHIFT+Y

... but you can customize those at Tools>Customize>Keyboard>View


Birds Eye View Queue is one of the hot new features of v19.

Save yourself time! Spare yourself frustration!

Start using Birds Eye View Queue Today!

Many thanks to Steffen Gross for implementing this feature!




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I hear there is now a free deluxe mega multi powered copy of 'Birds-Eye-View-Queue' with every purchased copy of Animation:Master!

Now look what you've done Mr. Robert Holmen... you've convinced me to update my subscription to A:M!


(Disclaimer:  I have heard rumors to the effect that the B-E-V-Q offer is not available in some specific galaxies and black holes and where otherwise prohibited by law)


Translation to the above:   Thank you Robert for the excellent reminder of the Birds-Eye-View-Queue.

I have mentioned this feature to some folks that have never used Animation:Master and there really is no way for them to properly comprehend how this works (ala Undo/Redo) without trying it for themselves.  It's a great feature.  :)

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