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Jason Simonds

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Hello All,

   Sorry about the update with out notice.The new update system is really easy to move forward but I was not sure how to go back.


Changed in 4.4.0

Changed in 4.4.1 current version


I'm not sure how I feel about 4.4: Animated GIFs but we will see. Not that I think that people will spam them, just I fear that every reply with be a gif not text haha.

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I seem to recall using gifs here before.  What changed?

At a guess I'd say that before we (and perhaps that would primarily be Will Pickering) used a hack to display gif animation (and other formats) via standard html/php but now IPBoards support gif animation etc. natively.


Now we just need to find a way to hack FFMPEG into the A:M Pipeline so that we can render/convert to MP4, Webm, GIF (With Transparency!) etc.  :)

Disclaimer:  Because of licensing FFMPEG can't be fully integrated and distributed with A:M but it could have 'hooks' into FFMPEG's command line so that specific outputs could be targeted.  Bottom line:  A:M could really use some animation/video formats.

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