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Netrender 'missing files'

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Goodday all.

I have downloaded 19g and netrender is giving error message.

I have loaded the correct project, chor, camera, output location, etc into netrender. As soon as the render process starts a error appears.

The error message says files (.act .mdl) are missing for my project.

Netrender is searching in the  c:\Program File\Hash inc\v19\Data\Material\..... for action and model files for my project. 

I have not saved my act and mdl file in that location. Why is netrender searching for it in that location. 

The act and mdl files for my project is saved in my 'document' folder. How do I tell netrender to look in my document folder?

When rendering from within AM there are no problems.

Hope I explained my problem clearly.





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Hi David

i believe the simplest solution is to save a PRJ with all those files embedded.

Load your PRJ in A:M

Do Project>Embed All

Resave your PRJ with a new name

Use the new PRJ for Net Render.




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