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I am sitting in a Maya class (No fights intended, just part of my degree)


For texture mapping, you take the model, cut it into parts, make a seam, and unfold it flat so you can add the texture.


What is the equivalent in A:M?


Do we have a way of flattening?

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That is similar to one way of doing it in A:M

In a Pose window, you can use "Flatten" to unwrap a mesh.

Try this on a simple vase first.

Go to a Pose. Go to Muscle mode.

Select the mesh

Choose the Rotate manipulator

Turn the gnomon in the middle so that the blue axis is vertical


This will appear to unwrap the entire mesh but the set of patches at the very back are really stretched from extreme left to extreme right.

Flatten will work better if you do it on smaller portions of the model.

WIll Sutton has a much more complete discussion of flattening and decaling for A:M somewhere.




My preference is to adjust the mesh in a Pose so I can use one Cylinder wrap decal on it. No cutting. Just one seam at the back!


There is an example tut in my tutorials.

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